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iPhone in L.A.

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 3/21/2011

If you're planning to visit Los Angeles or even if you're living there and you want to find useful information about the city, you'll definitely need one or two, or perhaps all of these iPhone apps for Los Angeles.

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    NFT Los Angeles City Guide

    NFT Los Angeles City Guide The first app on our list of top iPhone apps for Los Angeles wouldn't be listed as a featured app on the App Store if it was not really good and useful. To put it simply, this iPhone app lets you navigate and explore Los Angeles like a local - meaning as if you've been born, raised and lived there. It helps you find your favorite places to eat, shop, grab a cup of coffee, bowl, read, and other things that you can do while in LA. What you'll appreciate about this app is the way it maps out in full detail each neighborhood in the city. The app also performs faster than most travel apps and it doesn't even require you to go online just to use the app. (Price: $2.99)

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    Los Angeles Way

    los angeles way Two things that I like about this app - its iOS like interface and Foursquare integration. As one of the best iPhone apps for Los Angeles, this app bundles 50+ iPhone apps for Los Angeles into one solid iPhone app. These 50+ apps are are arranged like your ordinary apps on your iPhone's homescreen. Some of the app's great and useful features include guides for coffee, street food, restroom locator, Wi-Fi hotspots, nightlife and so much more. And lest we forget, you can check in to Foursqure using this app. What more can you possibly ask for? (Price: Free)

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    Los Angeles App

    los angeles app Quite simply, this iPhone LA app has all the resources needed by anyone living in Los Angeles or planning to visit the city in the near future. It provides you with live, up-to-the-minute information essential to help you make the most out of what the city has to offer. The information provided by the app is always up to date so you'll always get ahead of the different events and other happenings in the city. If you're looking for a job, a place to dine, events to attend, a hotel to stay in and other essential information, this app has got if for you. (Price: Free)

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    iTransitBuddy - LA Metro Rail

    iTransitBuddy - LA Metro Rail If you think you're going to be using the LA Metro Rail while in the city, this app will help you plan your schedule with updated transit schedules provided by multiple Transit Agencies in LA. What's good about this app is the fact that it loads the train schedules on your iPhone while online so that you can access them any time, anywhere, even if there is no Internet available. This app is definitely a time saver. (Price: $1.99)

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    Checklist Travel Los Angeles

    Checklist Travel Los Angeles If you want to make the most out of your trip to LA, here's one of the best iPhone apps for Los Angeles that you might want to consider using. This app provides you with almost 350 beautiful photos and other important information about LA. You can check out the complete location, contact, website, cost, parking, and more in an easy to use interface with category listings for better navigation. Of course, its major feature has got to be the creation of a checklist of places you want to visit while in Los Angeles. After visiting the place, you can simply erase them off the list. The app also has an integrated map that you can use to check current location as well as for planning your trip to specific destinations. (Price: $2.99)

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    What is the Best iPhone App for Los Angeles?

    So, what is the best iPhone app for Los Angeles? It really depends on what you need. Both Checklist Travel for Los Angeles and NFT Los Angeles City Guide are comprehensive in content while LA Way and LA app are pretty much solid iPhone apps in their own right. Of course, iTransit Buddy LA Trail is equally important as well.

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