Top Wi-Fi Hotspot Apps for iPhone

Free Wi-Fi Finder

Free Wi-Fi Finder iPhone App

The Free Wi-Fi Finder app is designed to locate Wi-Fi Internet hotspots anywhere. Containing over 145,000 free spots, located around the world, you will find one that is near you. You can search for hotspots within a specific geographic area, or utilize the 'near me' search filter to find hotspots around the corner. Narrow the search even further by selecting the type of hotspot location you are looking for, including cafes and libraries. Some users have noted that it takes a long time to update the app. This is a free app available at the iTunes App Store.

WiFi Plus

WiFi Plus iPhone App

With a database of over 150,000 free and paid hotspot locations, the WiFi Plus app is a good resource to have when in need of a wireless network. You can access the database offline, and you can search for nearby locations without the iPhone's GPS. Simply enter your city or address to find a hotspot. The app also has a network scanner which is designed to identify devices on your own LAN. This app is available at the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

Easy WiFi

Easy WiFi iPhone App

Easy WiFi is an iPhone app with even more hotspots. It contains about 300,000 hotspots from over 2,000 networks. Search for nearby hotspots, and the app will display the locations on a map. A convenient feature of the app is the automated login process that requires you to type the login name and password just once. While using Easy WiFi, you can access other apps including Skype, Facebook, and Google. This free app is available at the iTunes App Store.

Spots – The WiFi Hotspot Directory

Spots - The WiFi Hotspot Directory iPhone App

Another iPhone Wi-Fi hotspot app with a large database of hotspots is the Spots – The WiFi Hotspot Directory app. The majority of the hotspots are on the FON network, with about 540,000 spots. There are about 18,000 free hotspot locations and several thousand more on networks like AT&T and T-Mobile. This app is available at the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

Total Hotspots

Total Hotspots iPhone App

Total Hotspots is another hotspot database that contains over 250,000 locations. You can search for spots by location, venue, or service provider. You can also search for free networks and paid networks. The results are displayed on a map. Some users have noted that the map's zoom feature is too slow. You can rate and review hotspots and add new hotspots to the database. The free app is available at the iTunes App Store.

If you're on a budget, consider downloading the free apps mentioned above. Otherwise, splurge a little and download the Spots – The WiFi Hotspot Directory. Its large database of hotspots and immersive interface gives it an edge over similar apps.


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