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Record Strikes and Spares with the iPhone

written by: Vasanth•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/30/2011

Keep track of bowling statistics and improve your game with one of the following iPhone bowling apps. Discover the features of each app and find out which one is best for your bowling game.

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    Bowling Buddy Stats Tracker

    Bowling Buddy Stats Tracker iPhone App Bowling Buddy Stats Tracker is an iPhone app that features a touchscreen interface for recording the pins knocked over during a bowling game. There are shortcut buttons for a strike, spare, and a miss. Analyze the results through several stats, including the average score, first ball average, 10th frame average, and strike percentage. The app also displays the all spare conversion percentage, single pin spare conversion percentage, and split conversion percentage. You can record the scores for multiple bowlers and send the stat report by email. This app is available at the iTunes App Store for $3.99.

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    Bowlers Angle

    Bowlers Angle iPhone App Bowl better with the Bowlers Angle app. It is designed to give the avid bowler tips on how to approach a lane. Find out where to stand and what target to aim for before winding up and releasing the bowling ball. Some users have complained that there is no mention of the breakpoint down the lane in this app. The app calculates the bowling angle that is best for knocking down all the pins. Simply enter the target board, boards of angle, and your personal number into the app. There is a help manual to assist you with the process. This app is available at the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

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    12 Strikes

    12 Strikes iPhone App Determine which part of your bowling game needs improvement with 12 Strikes. This iPhone bowling app identifies pins that are left standing. By reviewing the pins left standing over several rounds of bowling, a trend may emerge revealing where your bowling ball release is going wrong. You can adjust your release and see how it affects the pins. Record the score of the game and the position of the standing pins in the app. The 12 Strikes app is available at the iTunes App Store for $9.99.

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    PinPal iPhone App Record bowling stats for league play and casual games and compare them later with the PinPal app. Enter the score by knocking over the pins with the touchscreen interface or type in the score for each frame. There is an option to simply enter the final score of the game. You can analyze the results in several categories including strike percentage, average frame score, and the number of spares. There are charts and graphs that illustrate the results. The PinPal app is available at the iTunes App Store for $8.99.

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    Bowling Ball Manager

    Bowling Ball Manager iPhone App For those that appreciate the finer aspects of a bowling ball, there is the Bowling Ball Manager app. With this app, you can record drill specifications, layouts, grip sizes and styles. The ball's weight, finish, serial number, and price can be recorded too. Describe how each bowling ball plays, or make observations while bowling in the notes section. Some users have complained about the inability to delete balls from the ball list. This app is available at the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

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    If you're on a budget, consider downloading the Bowlers Angle app. It provides useful advice on your bowling approach. For a score keeper and stat tracker app, consider the Bowling Buddy Stats Tracker. Its break down of individual bowling stats give it an edge over similar apps.

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