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Find a Hot Date with Your iPhone

written by: Stephanie M. Lucas•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 2/20/2011

Step into the iPhone dating world with these top-rated dating apps for iPhone. This roundup includes the features of each app and a link to download the app if you're interested in trying it.

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    In this day and age, it can be hard to find the time for traditional dating. Between work, school and home lives, many single people find themselves too tired to hit the social scene in search of potential dates. With the boom of social networking, online dating sites have also grown in popularity. Convenience is a huge selling point for online dating sites, so many have made it even easier to use their services on the go with iPhone dating apps. We'll review some of the highest rated apps for iPhone that will help with finding a significant other.

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    Dating DNA Plus - $4.99

    Dating DNA Plus screenshot Dating DNA Plus for iPhone uses compatibility matching techniques to pair you up with other people in your area. Dating DNA Plus receives an average user rating of 4 1/2 out of 5 stars, making it among the highest rated iPhone dating apps. With Dating DNA Plus, you are able to set your "compatibility threshold", which will keep those who don't meet your standards from viewing your profile. Dating DNA Plus is GLBT friendly, offering matches based on your dating preferences. A free version of the app is available, but Dating DNA Plus offers added features and no advertisements. The greatest feature of this app? No monthly service fee is required, just the initial download price of the app. Well worth the money for the services offered.

    Download Dating DNA Plus for $4.99.

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    Dating for Facebook - $0.99

    Dating for Facebook screenshot Also from the makers of Dating DNA Plus, Dating for Facebook uses the wildly popular social networking site to help you connect with other people in your area. This app takes Dating DNA Plus one step further, only connecting you with other users that have valid, verified Facebook accounts. The minuscule cost of this dating app for iPhone is worth the price. You are given access to features of Dating DNA, such as compatibility matching and custom "compatibility threshold" settings.

    Download Dating for Facebook for $0.99.

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    myYearbook - Free

    myYearbook screenshot myYearbook is now available from your iPhone. The great features that you love can now be accessed from your phone. Meet people in your area using myYearbook Chatter, use the Ask Me section to ask and answer questions from fellow users, update your status, send messages and gifts from the convenient app.

    Download myYearbook for Free.

  • slide 5 of 6 - Free screenshot Big fan of Bring your favorite services to your iPhone with the iPhone app. If you haven't been on, you can still try out the iPhone app. It's free to look, but you'll have to pay a monthly subscription fee to interact with people on the app. You are able to browse through single people near you, edit and upload photos to your profile, see who has viewed your profile and send or receive e-mails right from your phone with this dating app for iPhone.

    Download for Free.

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