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Top 5 Karaoke iPhone Apps

written by: Stephanie M. Lucas•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/23/2011

Love karaoke? Why not bring karaoke into the palm of your hand with the best karaoke apps for iPhone. There are tons of karaoke iPhone apps to choose from; these five suggestions will help narrow your choice.

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    Karaoke for iPhone

    Karaoke is a beloved pastime for many. Something about perpetually embarrassing ourselves in front of our friends while singing to our favorite tunes is endearing. You won't come across many people that don't enjoy at least watching a good karaoke session take place, but most of us will join in the fun and perform (despite our complete and utter lack of vocal skill). In the past, for karaoke fun at home you had to buy a bulky karaoke machine and endless specially made CD's. Not anymore. You can find the same technology for your iPhone and have it with you everywhere you go. A karaoke party can break out at any moment with the best karaoke apps for iPhone. Browse through a roundup of 5 top karaoke iPhone apps.

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    1. Karaoke Anywhere Lite

    Karaoke Anywhere Lite Karaoke Anywhere was designed for karaoke enthusiasts. It is packed with features and has the most comprehensive library of songs to download. With more than 40,000 tracks to choose from on the Karaoke Anywhere Song Store, you won't run out of new songs to sing. The app does come with one free track to get your library started. If that wasn't enough, you can import your existing MP3+G files into the app using Wi-Fi. Trying to improve your karaoke skills? Record your performances to playback later. The excellent interface and extensive song library makes Karaoke Anywhere the best karaoke app for iPhone.

    Download Karaoke Anywhere Lite for FREE from iTunes.

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    2. iKaraoke

    iKaraoke iKaraoke is a great iPhone karaoke app if you currently have your own .kar song files. The app allows you to import your existing files and use them in iKaraoke. Choose to sing from two modes: Personal and Stage. Personal Mode plays sound through the iPhone speakers and is ideal when you will be singing by yourself. Stage Mode disables the iPhone speakers to avoid feedback; the iPhone must be hooked up to a stereo to play the sound in this mode. iKaraoke converts iPhone into a mini karaoke machine that is simple to hook up and easy to use.

    Download iKaraoke for $5.99 from iTunes.

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    3. Glee Karaoke

    Glee Karaoke Glee Karaoke brings an interesting twist to the best karaoke apps for iPhone list. Rather than a traditional karaoke app, it is based upon the hit TV show Glee. Compete against other Glee fans in this unique app for iPhone. The hit TV show is known for its musical numbers and now you get your turn to shine. Glee Karaoke records as you sing to your favorite songs featured on the show. Compete against other "Gleeks" for chances to win free songs on the app. Not a great singer? The app enhances your voice, so you don't need to worry about sounding horrible. New songs are available every week, with opportunities to earn free songs as you go.

    Download Glee Karaoke for $0.99 from iTunes.

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    4. Kids Song Machine - Karaoke Sing Along

    Kids Karaoke I had to include an app for the kiddies. This fun karaoke app for iPhone features 9 classic kids songs. Your kids can sing along with their favorite songs while an adorable animal band adds animated fun to their performance. Customer reviews for this new kids karaoke app are exceptional, all reporting that their children love it.

    Download Kids Song Machine - Karaoke Sing Along for $0.99 from iTunes.

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    5. iSing Karaoke Locator for iPhone

    iSing Karaoke Locator Not your typical karaoke app for iPhone, iSing Karaoke Locator finds local karaoke locations for you to go to using iPhone's GPS. You are able to search by your current location, zip code or day that you plan to go out. The app features over 2,000 venues in more than 300 cities. One drawback of the app is that it isn't an all-inclusive list, some venues that have karaoke may not make it to the list. If you live in or near a major city, it is great for giving you new ideas of karaoke venues that you may not have otherwise known about.

    Download iSing Karaoke Locator for FREE from iTunes.

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    Best Karaoke App for iPhone - Reader Suggestions

    Let's hear what you have to say. Do you have your own suggestions for great karaoke iPhone apps? Post them in the comments for this article to share with others.

    Have you tried apps listed here? Comment and tell me what you think of them. I'm interested to hear your feedback.

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