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Use the iPhone to Find Things Online

written by: Vasanth•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/31/2011

Locate information quickly and easily with one of the following iPhone search apps. Discover the unique features of each app and decide which one is right for your Internet search needs. Some apps scour the entire Internet, while other apps search through specific websites.

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    Google Mobile

    Google Mobile iPhone App Google brings mobile search to your iPhone with the Google Mobile app. This app displays search results from Google Maps, Images, News, and Shopping. If you don't want to type in your query, use the search by voice feature. The voice search is accurate enough to search the web based on what you say. Another great feature is Google Goggles, which searches the web based on images taken with the iPhone camera. For example, if you take a picture of the cover of a book, the app will recognize the letters and search the web for that. This is a free app available for download at the iTunes App Store.

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    iSearch iPhone App A search app that submits your query to a number of different websites is iSearch. Simply select the site where you want to look for information and enter your query. The app will display the results from the website. Any site that has a search box can be bookmarked with this app. Some of the websites included in the app are, Google, Google Images, IMDb, and Amazon. The iSearch app is available at the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

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    Truveo Video Search

    Truveo Video Search iPhone App Truveo Video Search is an iPhone video search app. With over 150 million searchable videos, this app connects you to every type of content. From TV shows and music videos, to user-generated content, this video search app for iPhone does it all. The app features the most Tweeted videos of the day. There is also a What's Hot section which shows the most searched for video. This is a free app available for download at the iTunes App Store.

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    JumpSearch iPhone App Another useful iPhone search app is JumpSearch. It is similar to iSearch in that multiple websites can be searched through without actually visiting the website. Simply enter your query and select the website you want to search. The app will display the results page, which you can email. The app remembers the last search query and you can navigate back and forth between search results. The JumpSearch app is available at the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

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    ImageSearch iPhone App ImageSearch is an iPhone image search app specifically designed for The stock image library of fotolia is searchable with this app. Each image has a detailed description outlining the picture size and price. Images are arranged by category. You can also search the library by entering a query. This is a free app available for download at the iTunes App Store.

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    Image Credit - Images courtesy of the respective app developer.