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Best New iPhone Apps in December 2010

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/31/2010

Here we go with our last monthly iPhone app roundup. Interestingly, we've got some pretty good new apps for December despite the fact that there was a momentary pause in the acceptance of new apps by the App Store. Anyway, here's our best new iPhone apps in December 2010.

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    Real Simple Recipes: No Time to Cook?

    Real Simple Recipes iphone app 

    Just in time for the New Year's celebration, if you're too busy to think about preparing sumptuous meals to serve on your dinner table, check out this app's list of quick and easy dinner ideas. The app provides you with more than 850 easy-to-prepare recipes, from chicken to chili to pasta to pork chops. Whether you're into low-calorie diet or you're looking for no-cook recipes, this app has got it all. The app also features grocery lists, kitchen timers, how-to-videos and easy-to-read step-by-step instructions. (Price: $4.99)

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    Martha Stewart Makes Cookies

    Martha Stewart Makes Cookies 

    Another food-related app, this time from the famous Martha Stewart's favorite cookies. This new iPhone app is your indispensable baking resource - combining cutting-edge technology with beautiful design. The app contains instructional videos, baking tips, shopping lists, sharing options and a robust search feature. Other features of this app include - Facebook or email sharing, high-quality photos of various cookies, glossary of tools needed for baking. (Price: $2.99)

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    Photo Cookbook – Baking

    The Photo Cookbook – Baking 

    Our last new food-related app is called Photo Cookbook. Obviously, it provides you with pictures illustrating all the ingredients of a particular recipe. The app clarifies the preparation of 60 recipes for cakes and pies, sweet and savoury pastries, cookies and breads. It also features short preparation instructions and images that will help you in baking. Other features of this new app include - more than 500 high-res photos, uncomplicated recipes, search feature, ingredient lists, and more. (Price: $4.99)

    (Download link)

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    Word Lens

    word lens 

    Here's probably one of the coolest iPhone apps that came out this year if not for the entire lifespan of the App Store. Simply put, this app can instantly translate printed words from one language to another using your iPhone's built-in video camera. The translation is done in real-time - that makes this app pretty good. The app also lets you scan printed words and display them in reverse format in real-time. It can also erase printed words as you scan them. The app is free to download but the language translator which is currently available for Spanish to English and English to Spanish will cost you $5.00. (Price: Free)

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    CBS Sunday Morning

    CBS Sunday Morning 

    The long running and popular CBS News TV show finally got its own iPhone app. This app brings you topics which are not usually covered by network news. These include architecture, ballet, opera, pop music and more. It also lets you watch segments by Ben Stein and Nancy Giles as they deliver their opinions as well as human interest stories by Bill Geist. (Price: Free)

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    8mm Vintage Camera

    80mm vintage camera 

    The second coolest iPhone app that came out this month happens to be like the Instagram app, but for video. 8mm Vintage Camera is a cool iPhone that lets you convert videos you've captured using your iPhone's camera into 8mm-like film format. You can add video effects such as dust and scratches, retro colors, flickering, light leaks, jitters and more. The app also has sharing features via email or direct upload to YouTube. This new iPhone app also lets you swap lenses and films at any time, trigger frame jitters during recording, and switch between front and back cameras. Check out our full 8mm Vintage Camera app review to learn more. (Price: $1.99)

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    Google Latitude

    google latitude 

    Google also released a new iPhone app this month - Google Latitude. It's a pretty simple iPhone app that lets you see where your friends are right now. It also helps you stay in touch with your friends and family by letting you share where you are. And you can see each other's location via Google Maps. (Price: Free)

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    Google Books

    google books Another new Google iPhone app that came out this month is Google Books. This app provides access to more than 2 million Google ebooks. The app features night reading mode, and offline reading mode. It also lets you change font and search within a book. The app also gives you free preview pages of ebooks available for sale and free storage of books in the cloud. (Price: Free)

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