Guide to HTC Touch Software Upgrade

Download Updates

Visit to complete the latest HTC Touch software update.

Visit to get the latest updates and see if an HTC Touch software upgrade is available. Locate the five links at the top of the page labeled "My Sprint," "Shop," "Digital Lounge,"Community" and "Support". Point to the link labeled "Support" and from the new list of options that appear, select "Devices". Locate the "Manufacturer" drop-down box and click the down arrow to select "HTC". From the devices listed, click on the one labeled "HTC Touch". Underneath the section titled "What You Can Do With It," locate the sub-title labeled "Learn About It". Under the sub-title, click the "Downloads" link. On the new page, click the blue "More Details" hyper-link. When the new window opens, click the blue "Downloads" link to initiate the download. In the new pop-up window, choose the "Run" option. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the download.

Prepare the HTC Touch for the Download

Use ActiveSync to backup the HTC Touch.

Prepping the HTC Touch for the download allows the device to accept the download. Improper prepping may result in the download not fully loading on the device. Begin the prepping process by backing up the device. Often when new software is updated on a device, the data stored gets deleted. To backup the device, connect the phone to the computer with the provided USB cable and open "ActiveSync". ActiveSync is a program that stores data from the device on the computer and can be found on the website under downloads if it does not automatically start when the device is plugged into the USB port of the computer. At the top of the ActiveSync menu, locate the four options "File," "View," "Tools" and "Help". Click on the "Tools" menu and select "Options" from the list of choices. On the next window, choose all the folders that need synchronizing and press "OK" to begin the backup process.

Transfer the Update to the HTC Touch

Transfer the update from the PC to the HTC Touch.

Connect the HTC Touch to the computer using the USB cable provided with the device. Click on the downloaded software update file icon on the computer desktop. This icon appears on the desktop after the initial download completes. When the file opens, agree to the terms and conditions. The software should now automatically begin downloading to the device. Once the software completes the download process, the phone should automatically turn off and turn back on by itself. If this does not happen, manually turn off the device, remove the battery for at least one minute, place the battery back in the phone and turn the device on to complete the download process.


Ensure the battery level is at least 50 percent before beginning the software update. Check the battery level by clicking the "Start" button on the phone. Find the "Settings" tab and click on it. Find the "System" tab at the bottom of the screen and select it. Click on the "Power" icon and check the power settings. Since the update takes at least 30 minutes, avoid using the phone or touching any of the settings until the device finishes the update process. Interrupting the update may cancel the update and you will have to begin the HTC Touch software upgrade all over again.