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Best Applications from HTC

written by: shopperholic2•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/19/2011

Here are 10 HTC apps that could greatly enhance your new device. These apps are the most downloaded right now. They are more than just games to play on your phone when you are bored. These apps also give you useful information that can help you during your busy day.

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    The top ten HTC apps are ranked the top ten for a reason. The reason is agreed upon by the majority of HTC users. These applications allow the user to explore areas of their HTC devices that are virtually invisible to the naked eye. HTC smartphones are such powerful devices that they often have built in capabilities that go unused if the user is unaware of their function. To take full advantage of your HTC phone in all of its glory you need the best apps. Most of these applications are free and there are a very few that are not. The most sought after HTC apps ranked in the top ten are listed below.

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    1. Mini Dictionary

    mini dictionary Mini Dictionary 1.0 has a database of 175,622 words with detailed meanings. This dictionary has the definitions right at the tip of your finger. This application is readily available and produces the information you are seeking quickly.

    Price: $11.64

    Platform: Java, Symbian

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    2. Facebook Mobile

    Facebook Facebook Mobile 3.1.2 connects people with friends and shares an unlimited amount of photos, links and videos. This application allows the camera on the HTC to upload pictures directly onto your Facebook page online. This application also makes replying to Facebook pokes, wall posts and messages directly very easy. You can match up your mobile contacts with their Facebook profiles.

    Price: $Free

    Platform: Java, Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile

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    3. Super Bluetooth Hack

    Super Bluetooth Super Bluetooth Hack 1.08 has several great features that make this application so sought after. All the contacts and the text messages have the ability to convert into an easy to read HTML format. It also allows remote access to the device.

    Price: $Free

    Platform: Java

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    4. Photo Snap

    Photo Snap Photo Snap Mobile 2.9.0 is an excellent photo editor for your HTC device. Edit your photos immediately after taking them. Make adjustments or add captions to the photo. Try an overlay on the photo or maybe even a moving effect. Make your caricatures of your photos using the Photo Snap application and post them to your Social Networking pages. Copy your friends photos, edit them and send them a hilarious card. Do all of this and more using the Photo Snap HTC Application.

    Price: $Free

    Platform: Java

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    5. File Explorer 3.0 Alpha

    File Explorer 3.0 File Explorer 3.0 Alpha is a program that allows the different files on the HTC to be managed more efficiently. No more searching for hours for files and coming up with dead ends with this application. This is typically handy when there are tons of files to search through and the user only needs one particular file. This file may be in the memory card or it may be deleted off the HTC altogether. This application allows the files to be found easily from one screen.

    Price: $Free

    Platform: Java

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    6. TV to Go

    TV to Go TV to Go 2.2.0 allows the HTC user to watch their favorite shows live wherever they may be. Never miss the game because you are stuck somewhere you would rather not be. Waiting in line can be fun with the TV to Go application to keep you occupied. This HTC application includes over 40 premium and broadcast channels. These channels include local channels, news channels, movies, entertainment, video on demand and more.

    Price: $Free

    Platform: Java

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    7. HTC Task Manager

    Task Manager HTC Task Manager helps the user to manage running applications. There are many times when there are applications that are running in the background and the user never knows. After numerous attempts to close, the applications are still running. The HTC Task Manger will detect these running applications and give the user the choice to manually close them or select the auto close option. This will help your battery last for longer.

    Price: $Free

    Platform: Android, Windows, Java

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    8. Google Maps Mobile

    Google Maps Google Maps Mobile v 4.10 puts a new twist on locator-based services. This application allows any person that is in your phonebook to be located at the touch of a button. The locator services, not only say where the person is, but also give you the latitude measurements for where the person is.

    Price: $Free

    Platform: Windows, Java, Android

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    9. Pocket DivX

    div x Pocket DivX Player v0.93 allows the HTC owner to play DivX and Mpeg files with ease. There is no more need to download a converter when trying to play certain videos on the device. With this application, the videos are played on one click.

    Price: $Free

    Platform: Windows Mobile, Java, Android

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    10. Pocket Uno

    Pocket Uno Pocket Uno v1.63 provides the user with hours of fun and busy work. This all-time favorite game is now mobile and available to play with up to four players at a time. A fun fact about this product is that it comes in fourteen different languages and it has three levels. The visuals on this application really bring the game to life.

    Price: $Free

    Platform: Windows Mobile, Java, Android