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Weather Channel App Review for Google Android

written by: Percila Jackson•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 9/26/2011

The Android Weather Channel app is, what I consider to be, one of the best weather offerings available on a mobile device. This app caters to all your weather forecast needs.

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    10 Day Forecast The Android Weather Channel app is the best looking weather app I've seen on a mobile device. The screens come in very visually clear on the smartphone's display and they are easy to navigate. Even upon first look, the screens pretty much speak for themselves, making it easy for an app beginner to navigate the app.

    What I really liked, however, was the ability to view actual Weather Channel broadcast feeds from the device. Using either Wi-Fi or wireless network connectivity led to fast access to video files and the picture quality on the device was nearly flawless.

    Overall, a great output of data both in written and video formats.

    I've included pictures of the app's display. You can find them to the right and directly below:

    Weather Right Now 

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    Hourly Forecast The Weather Channel app for Android not only has a great display, it also makes choosing your preferences easier than ever. Users can, for instance, view current conditions in a variety of formats including hourly, 36 hour and 10 day simply by choosing the tabs located on the screens of their devices.

    Weather Map 

    The Weather Channel application offers the ability to view a full range of weather maps, severe weather alerts, detailed conditions including forecast conditions and, as I mentioned in the interface section, video forecasts which include local weather video feeds. Using the detailed maps feature, users can choose whether or not to display a full spectrum of details that include layers for radar, clouds, UV index, rainfall, humidity, snowfall and other popular weather output details.

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    iWitness Weather My favorite feature, however, is the "Location Based" Weather Service Alerts. With this option, the device can pinpoint the user's location using the device's on-board GPS receiver or a user can type in a zipcode, city or landmark and receive mapped conditions as well as weather alerts. Whether traveling or checking on a spouse who is traveling, this is a great option to keep up on weather conditions in the locations that matter most. The location based application also allows users to gain access to the local video forecasts as I mentioned several times earlier in the review. Users can watch the local TV news broadcast right from their phone so they can keep up to date about what is happening currently around the world.

    Overall, the ability to easily navigate between local and national weather conditions while also watching local weather and news videos and receiving updates on severe conditions makes the Weather Channel app a must have. If you want to easily and freely keep an eye on the conditions that matter the most to you, then I highly recommend this app.