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Fun-Filled Image Editing with Lab Pro

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 8/22/2011

Create photomontages, caricatures and more with Lab Pro - and then share them with your friends or on Facebook!

  • slide 1 of 5 Labs Pro app for Android There are so many ways in which you can take advantage of the camera on your Android, from recording stop motion video clips to creating a selection of impressive photos and editing them with a handy app.

    One such app is Lab Pro, a feature-packed utility that allows users to create photomontages, caricatures, phone wallpapers and much more, all thanks to a selection of image editing tools and presets.

    You might argue that this type of app is becoming increasingly common on Android, and you would probably be right. This is why apps such as this need to pull out all the stops to stand out from the crowd, and thanks to the wealth of choices available Lab Pro certainly makes a good attempt at being the automatic photo editing app of choice for Android.

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    Device Requirements and Compatibility

    Rating Average Labs Pro app for Android Android phones running version 2.1 and above should find that this app runs without a problem on their devices. There are very few installation issues reported in the Android Market, where the app can be downloaded, although you should note that there are issues installing Lab Pro on your device's SD card, so you will need to make some space on the main memory.

    Costing just $2.99, this app is just 2.6 MB in size and shouldn’t take too long to download and install. Note, however, that installation on older devices with less storage space and a slower processor will result in reduced performance. The vast amount of options in this app will slow older handsets, so be aware of this if you are intending to try it out -- if you’re not sure, try the free Lab alternative.

    One thing to note is that Lab Pro requires your Google account to create an online repository of the images you create with the app; this might not be to everyone’s taste, but if you have concerns over network use the app settings can be configured to upload in different resolutions depending on the connection type.

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    Using Lab Pro

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    Configuring Labs Pro app for Android When you first launch Lab Pro you will be presented with a wealth of options, offering you the ability to create collages, apply frames, select from a variety of photo effects and generally have fun with photos that you have saved to your phone. If you don’t have anything suitable, don’t worry -- this can easily be resolved by selecting the From Camera option to launch your device camera where you can snap a new photo there and then!

    The process is simple -- once the app loads, you choose the effect category that you want and the specific type of effect before browsing for an image (or capturing a new one with your camera) and clicking the Process button. If you feel that the image could be cropped beforehand (a smaller-sized image will take less work) then use your finger to drag the perimeter of the selection around the photo; you can also drag the area around the image to select a specific portion. You can also rotate an image if necessary.

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    Stuff You Can Do with the Images

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    Great options with Labs Pro app for Android Whether you’re interested in creating cartoons of yourself, friends or family or adding them into collages or even turning them into vampires, werewolves and other monsters, Lab Pro offers a wealth of sharing options.

    Once you have chosen an effect and applied it, the app gives you the choice to save and share -- saving offers the ability to keep a copy of the image in your phone’s gallery, set it as a contact icon or device wallpaper, copy the URL of the image to your clipboard for viewing in a web browser or even share via Bluetooth, Facebook, Twitter, standard email, Gmail, SMS messaging or any other service that you have installed.

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    Snap it Up!

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    With an easy to use set of menus and handy buttons and simple to use select and crop tools, there is little that you can say about Lab Pro that is anything but positive. If the sheer wealth of options doesn’t speak for itself, the user interface should, and even if you don’t want to spend the ridiculously low price for the app you can try out the free version, Lab -- the only difference here is that there are a few less options.

    Ultimately, there are plenty of photo editing apps for Android, but with Lab Pro you will find almost any effect imaginable, and if it isn’t there then the developers will happily add it in for you!