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Top Five Android Applications for Dieters

written by: Eli Misel•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 12/5/2010

Keeping your diet in check can be a challenging task with a busy hectic schedule. Luckily, there are some really good Android diet apps available. Whether you are a Weight Watchers dieter or need something to track the calories in your beer, Android has the apps you need to stay fit.

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    Fast Food Calorie Counter

    fastfood Eating out can really tarnish your diet. No matter how hard you try to avoid fast food, you will almost always find yourself in a situation where it is unavoidable. This usually happens when you are in a rush, which is where Fast Food Calorie Counter shines as one of the best Android diet apps available. Fast Food Calorie Counter has 73 restaurants and 9,141 menu items to choose from and you can view the nutritional information on any item in great detail. This great Android diet app can really help you keep your calories, carbs and protein in check when you are on the go. Available for the nominal fee of $2.99 over at Appbrain, Fast Food Calorie Counter is a must have for any dieter.

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    Weight Watchers - WWDiary

    WWDiary The Weight Watchers point system is a great way to shed those pounds. One easy way to help you keep track of your points is by using WWDiary for the Android OS. This great little application is extremely easy to use for tracking your points with options like the barcode scanner for entering your food information. It also includes an activity point calculator to enter in your exercise information. The developer for WWDiary updates the app often to make sure it is on par with the Weight Watchers program. WWDiary is available as a free download by clicking here.

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    Calorie Counter by FatSecret

    Calorie Counter by FatSecret If you are looking for a complete package to track your caloric intake, exercise and weight loss, check out Calorie Counter by FatSecret. Calorie Counter by Fatsecret is one of the best Android diet apps available on the Android Market. It is a complete package that includes a food diary section for tracking all of your food intake and calorie calculations, an exercise diary to log all of your fitness endeavors while keeping track of calories burned, and a weight tracker for tracking your weight loss that even shows a nice graph of your progress. Calorie Counter takes a little bit of configuration to get your own information entered, but once configured, Calorie Counter is the diet and fitness powerhouse for the Android OS. The best part about Calorie Counter is that it's free! You can download Calorie Counter by FatSecret from the Android Market or by clicking here.

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    Best Diet Foods

    Best Diet Foods Looking for what types of foods you should eat while dieting? Best Diet Foods for the Android OS foots the bill. This great little application will give you a list of the top 100 foods you should eat while dieting. These include things like blueberries, avacados, flax seeds and chocolate. Best Diet Foods will give a little information about what health benefits each food has. Available as a free download, Best Diet Foods is a great addition to your Android dieting application arsenal.

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    Beer Gut Fitness

    Beer Gut Fitness Do you like to drink beer? Afraid it will kill your diet? Download Beer Gut Fitness and you can keep your diet in check while enjoying those beers! Beer Gut Fitness allows you to track your calories and give you the green light on when and how many beers you can enjoy. Beer Gut Fitness is available for 99 cents on the Android Market or by clicking here.