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Best Sticky Notes Apps for Android

written by: Daniel Kolobaric•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/29/2010

There are plenty of applications available in the Android Market that let you stick post-its to the home screen. Sticking notes to the home screen is a compelling way of quickly checking your reminders. Discover which ones are the best in what they do.

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    Sticky Note Apps on Android

    Most Android devices have a large amount of screen real estate and are therefore very suitable for all kinds of widgets. As the system doesn’t have any dedicated note taking or To-Do list applications these have to be looked for in the Android Market. Many prefer a sticky note type of reminder on their home screens and for those people there is plenty to find in the Android Market. The applications mentioned here represent the best options available. They all have the same concept but just bring it slightly different. Find out which one is the best for you.

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    Sticky Note

    Sticky Note Add Note Widget ‘Sticky Note’ only works as a widget, and can only be accessed as such. Once you select the Sticky Note widget, customization options appear and it is here where the reminder is entered. There are very few options available, but this is exactly what Sticky Note is trying to achieve: a quick and simple note taking widget.

    A user can make a title and enter note details in the panel. A sticky color can also be decided on as well as an option to add a calendar entry. A small sticky note will be ‘pinned’ to the home screen which takes the space of a single icon spot. The title will be on it and clicking on it can enlarge the sticky. Sticky Note shines in its simplicity and for a free option like this, you really can’t go wrong.

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    ColorNote Example of Note and Checklist ColorNote is available as a full-fledged application and boasts a few more options as compared to Sticky Note. The application can take either a text or checklist reminder, and notes can obviously be color-coded. The application has a clean interface and notes can be filtered by name, color, reminder time and modified time.

    The widget also takes up one icon space on the home screen, but no new notes can be created from within the widget. Only premade notes can be pinned to the home screen, which have to be created within the application itself. ColorNote is still very basic but sports a few more options as compared to Sticky Note, making it slightly better.

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    Sticky Fixed Sticky Instructions ‘Sticky’ does things a bit different than either ColorNote or Sticky Note. Sticky also works with an application/widget combination, although the application is transparent and therefore has a bit of a widget ‘feel’ to it. The user can create categories by themselves. Each category has its own screen, through which users can slide as if they are home screens. Notes pile up on each screen and can be moved around freely.

    The sticky notes are color-coded as well but have a rectangular shape as opposed to the more common square sticky notes. When selecting a reminder as a widget, however, the sticky does appear square. Although the entire concept is clever and different, the transparency of the application is sometimes distracting. However, for those that like to categorize their reminders a lot, there isn’t a better option than ‘Sticky’.

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    Just Posit

    Just Posit Home Screen ‘Just Posit’ is by far the least compelling Android sticky notes application of the ones discussed here. Although eventually the application does what you want it to do, namely taking notes, the interface is a bit confusing for the very few options that it has. Most of the screen is used for taking notes, which cannot be categorized. Passed notes are tucked away and are not shown until the user, something that is a bit uncommon in these kinds of apps, summons them. There are only three colors to choose from.

    The widget of the application, however, is better than any of the other options discussed here. Instead of one it takes up four spots, but this doesn’t matter as notes are presented in a sort of ‘diary’ form, where four rows of notes are shown at once. Although the application seems a bit unfinished, something that the apparent misspelling of the title illustrates, there is potential and Just Posit has the potential to be a real good sticky note app on Android.

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    The Best Sticky Note App on Android

    There is no clear winner when it comes to sticky note apps in Android. As a sticky note application should be incredibly simple I would be inclined to declare ‘Sticky Note’ as a winner as it keeps the entire concept very basic. However, ‘ColorNote’ is compelling as well and offers that little bit extra. Any of the four sticky note applications will do the trick in the end, and you cannot really go wrong with any of them. Filling your home screen with sticky note reminders is very possible on the Android platform for sure.