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Reverse Polish Notation Calculators on Android

written by: Sandy Samra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/29/2010

In this article we round up the best Android RPN calculator apps. Take a look.

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    RealCalc Scientific Calculator

    realcalc RealCalc is a fully loaded scientific calculator that operates exactly like a real calculator. Its key features include unit conversion, 10 memories, percentages, hex/octal/binary, RPN mode, trigonometry functions in grads, radians or degrees, digit grouping as well as engineering, scientific and fixed point display modes. The calculator also has an in built help system.

    RealCalc is an impressive Android RPN calculator that has more functions on the keys like the 32SII. The use of numbers in other bases and unit conversions is very well implemented. The only thing that the calculator lacks is tactile feedback. Overall, it’s an excellent RPN calculator app to always have with you.

    Download: Free.

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    RpnCalc Financial

    RpnCalc RpnCalc Financial is a programmable math and scientific RPN calculator. This feature rich financial calculator includes finance, math, statistics, and twenty memories which cater to a wide variety of needs. If you have full knowledge of operating an RPN calculator then this calculator is definitely for you.

    RpnCalc Financial is recommended for business professionals, who are trained on RPN calculators, but if you are still not sure about the app, try the free version of RpnCalc. The free RpnCalc app is a basic scientific calculator with many popular features.

    Download: RpnCalc for free.

    Download: RpnCalc Financial for $5.00.

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    Droid RPN

    Droid RPN is a feature rich programmable Android RPN calculator app that includes features like:droid rpn cal 

    • The most used menu which gives you easy access to most frequently used functions.
    • Dynamic functions menu that allows you to have a diverse set of functions on the main screen.
    • While typing the function name, the app offers suggestions.
    • Other useful features such as variables, deviation, log, sine, cosine, combination etc.
    • An in built help system.

    Download for $ 0.99.

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    MxCalc 12c - Financial Calc

    MxCalc 12c is the best programmable RPN financial calculator app that performs as well as looks like the HP-12c. You can easily calculate loan payments, conversions and interest rates, NPV, TVM, IRR, cash flows and more with this Android RPN calculator. MxCalx 12c is perfect for economics, accounting, finance and business related work.

    MxCalc 12c has more than 130 built in functions and some of its key features include:MxCalc 12c 

    • RPN, Programming, Algebraic, Finance and Statistic Modes.
    • Quick stack and full screen display.
    • Amortization.
    • Cash flow analysis.
    • Normal Distribution.
    • Bonds calculations.
    • Statistical calculations.
    • Mathematical calculations.
    • Date calculations and so much more.

    Download it for $14.99 and get the desktop version free.

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    Wscientific WScientific is a fully scientific Android RPN calculator app that supports most scientific, trigonometry as well as statistical functions. It also supports unit conversions like km/miles, cm/inches, litres/gallons, Celcius/Fahrenheit etc. along with engineering notations.

    Apart from the above mentioned features, it can also calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index).

    Download for $2.55.

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    Other Basic Android RPN Calculators

    RPN Kalc

    RPN Kalc is a user friendly RPN calculator that includes most of the key mathematical operators.

    Download: Free.


    CalcRPN is an Android RPN calculator that features square, square root, log, In, exponentiation , 1/x, cos, sin, tan, π, e, 16 level stack and much more.

    Download for $1.99.


    Calcstra is a simple and basic Android RPN calculator.

    Download: Free.

    Stack Calculator

    Stack Calculator is an RPN calculator that makes available the following:

    • Square root: √
    • Power: ^
    • Sum: +
    • Minus: -
    • Multiplication: *
    • Division: /

    Download: Free.

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    Get RealCalc Scientific Calculator because the app overshadows other apps in terms of features, usability and accessibility.