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Great Android Applications for Merchants

written by: Sandy Samra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/29/2010

Looking for Android merchant services apps? In this article we round up the top apps for merchants and highlight what they do.

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    Mobile Merchant Pro

    Mobile Merchant Pro Turning away potential customers because you don’t have the ability to accept credit cards can be very frustrating. Mobile Merchant Pro for Android is a user friendly application that accepts credit cards anywhere. With PayPal, Authorize.Net, and Web Payments Pro support, Mobile Merchant Pro is a must app for business owners. This Android merchant services app is ideal for art and craft shows, festivals, trade shows, plumbers, locksmiths, catering, contractors and landscapers.

    Installation Instructions

    • Visit “” from your Android device browser.
    • Review and agree to the license agreement.
    • The installation automatically begins.

    Download: Free

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    Merchant Pro

    This merchant services app requires a merchant account and supports Quantum,, PayPal, NMI and Merchant Plus. Install this app on yourMerchant Pro  Android device and with the help of your phone and your merchant account, accept customer’s credit cards anywhere. Just punch information into the application and get paid.

    Download for $6.99

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    Merchant Lite

    Merchant Lite Merchant Lite also requires a merchant account and supports Quantum,, PayPal, NMI and Merchant Plus. Install this app on your Android device and accept customer’s credit cards anywhere. Merchant Lite is limited though and it only allows two transactions per day or transactions up to $100 per day.

    Download: Free

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    Merchant On The Move

    You can easily accept credit cards anywhere with Merchant on the Move Android merchant services software. With the Go printer and card reader, youMerchant on the move  can safely swipe a credit card and print its receipt anywhere. There is even an option to capture the customer’s signature on the Android device which will be saved on a secure server. To accept credits cards on Android via Merchants On The Move, you require an approved merchant account with Primary Merchant Solutions.

    Download: Free

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    Square Square is a credit card payment system which supports Android. You can easily take money from anyone through their credit card with the help of this app. All you need to do is start an account by signing up for free on Setting up a square account is easy and every transaction costs you 2.75% along with additional 15 cents. The whole system is quite simple and has the potential to replace cash based transactions.

    Download: Free

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    PayPal app for Android lets you send money to your family and friends. Once you link your credit card with your PayPal account you can even transferPaypal  money to your PayPal account from your bank account. PayPal v2.0 offers a new ‘bump’ feature which quickly transfers money between devices. The app also offers features like monitoring your balance and splitting the bills.

    Download: Free

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    mPayy Mobile Payments

    mPayy mPayy Mobile Payments offers simple and secure payments from your Android device. You can make transactions with the help of your mobile number. Just set up an mPayy account for free on and authorize payments via mPayy’s ecommerce partners using your cell phone number and a password.

    Download: Free

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