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Top Three Android File Manager Apps

written by: Zach Day•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/18/2010

Have you ever wondered what the best Android application for managing your files is? Let me take you through three of the most enticing options available in the Android Market.

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    ASTRO File Manager

    Astro File Manager 

    Astro, like other Android file manager apps, makes it easy to perform functions like copy, paste, move, delete, open and others without the need for a computer. Some of the benefits of Astro include the ability to select multiple files at once to perform different actions like compressing into a ZIP archive, or other simple tasks. Also, the application comes with a built in task manager and an application backup feature. A feature like that really comes in handy, and gives your fingers a break, when you need to delete multiple files in a short amount of time. Astro also gives information about your files like version, size, and package name. Astro, despite its feature list, remains simple and easy to use.

    ASTRO can be downloaded from AppBrain here. A Pro version is available that will be ad free.

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    AndroZip File Manager


    AndroZip, like Astro, provides the most basic of Android file manager functions. One of the key differences is that it can browse the SD Card and the Operating System. Although it must be said that only users who know what they are doing should play with any operating system file. Another difference is the ability for AndroZip to compress files into a ZIP, TAR, or GZIP archive. This may help you save space or it can be used to e-mail large files. AndroZip also has its own task manager and the ability to back up market-installed applications.

    AndroZip can be downloaded from AppBrain here. A Pro version can be purchased that will be ad free.

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    ES File Explorer

    ES File Explorer 

    ES File Explorer is another great contender and it brings the normal functions to the table. Some of the differences include the ability to add shortcuts to the desktop. It can also analyze your SD card, which gives you a useful and easy to use view about what's on your card, like how much space each folder takes up and how much available space you have left. Lastly, one of the other neat features about this application is its ability to connect via LAN, Bluetooth, or FTP.

    ES File Explorer can be downloaded from AppBrain here.

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    Which is the Best File Manager?

    Android is lucky to have such a variety of quality applications for users to choose from. However, only one can be the best here, so without further ado I announce the winner.

    ASTRO File Manager is the best Android file manager on the market. It comes packed with all the features anyone would need but it really sets itself apart with how easy it is to use. However, as I said earlier, Android is lucky to have so many options available to its users. Don't be afraid to try all three and figure out which one is the best for you!