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Apps for Bulk SMS on Android

written by: Arnold Zafra•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 10/30/2010

Want to send bulk SMS to your friends without adding their numbers one by one to the address bar every time? Here we give you five apps for bulk SMS on Android. Unfortunately there are not too many apps which were specifically made for this purpose, so we've included the apps that support it as well.

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    Bulk SMS for Android

    SMS Here's a pretty powerful and feature-rich bulk SMS software Android app. Aptly called Bulk SMS for Android this app also lets you create and manage unlimited templates, use pre-defined and user-defined macros for templates, send SMS from a .CSV or .TXT file, send to groups and individuals, deliver reports and save sent SMS to inbox automatically. The app also gives an option to skip sent SMS in inbox. It's one of the most robust apps for bulk SMS that you can find at the Android Market. (Price $1.47) (Download link)

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    RemoteSMS Full

    remotesms full This app is not only made for bulk messaging but for other purposes as well. It also lets you compose SMS remotely from your computer via Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth and it gives you full access to your contact-book, SMS-messages and conversations. This app is fully loaded including a nice-looking, non-intrusive GUI, full contact book, cooperate contacts support, contact search with auto-completion, compose and send new messages, automatic character counting, and of course SMS bulk messaging. The app's main interface looks sleek as well. (Price: $2.70) (Download link)

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      mysms Here's another Android app that serves as bulk SMS software for Android phones. Basically, this app was developed to let you send SMS to anywhere in the world without spending too much money. It allows you to choose how your SMS are going to be sent - either via mySMS, through your network operator or a combination of the two. The app also features SMS pop-up, SMS quicksend form, conversation styles and SMS signature. Get this app now and you'll get a 10 free SMS bonus to anywhere in the world. (Price: Free) (Download link)

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      gphonebook This Android app is actually a phone book management app which lets you organize your contacts into groups. It allows you to create a group folder, groups and contacts, upload contact group, create and send e-mail or phone, call history reference, and of course send bulk email/SMS to the group. The app is available in free and pro versions. (Price: Free) (Download link)

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      SMS Master

      sms master The last app on our list of bulk SMS software for Android is SMS Master. This useful app gives you the facility for sending bulk messages to bulk contacts in one go. It provides the facility for you to listen to the messages in the inbox as well as incoming messages. This is just about the best feature of the app - you don't have to write a message, just speak and the app will automatically detect the words and compose the message. Voice recognition technology at its best. Plus the app's interface looks pretty good and is easy to use as well. (Price: $0.99) (Download link)


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