Top Tips for Google Nexus One Users

Activating 3G Network of your Nexus One

1. Your Google Nexus One is set to run on the 2G network by default, since Google probably knew that the phone is power-hungry. To change it to the 3G network, simply go to Settings->Wireless Networks->Mobile Networks and tap on the gray box besides "Use Only 2G Networks". Then wait till the 3G icon appears at the top of your phone right on the notification bar.

Basic Nexus One Power and Data Costs Saving Tips

2. To save power as well as data cost, be sure to turn off all unused applications and other services. To kill apps running in the background, you may want to download and install a task/file management app. One example is EZ Task Manager. As for the phone settings, you may want to turn off automatic syncing. Try Settings->Account And Synching then uncheck Background Data and Auto-Sync. You might also want to turn off Wi-Fi, GPS and other unused apps and features.

3. Speaking of saving power, one nice feature of the Google Nexus One is the power control widget. If it is not showing on your phone’s homescreen you can put it back by tapping any area on the homescreen without an app icon. Wait until the "Add to Homescreen" menu box appears and then select Widgets. Select Power Control from the available options. There you can now select which phone settings to turn off to save on battery life.

Nexus One Navigation and Other Controls

4. Those dots on the left and the right of the bigger block of dots at the bottom center of your homescreen let you access the five screens of your Nexus One. All five screens are fully customizable with widgets, shortcuts, apps, and photos. Long pressing on the dots will give you a visual overview of the five screens, as well as let you select them one by one.

5. To keep your phone safe from invasion by other people, you may set an unlocking pattern and deactivate the default left swipe locking feature of the Nexus One. To set a new unlocking pattern, Settings->Location and Security.

6. To mute your Nexus One quickly, simply slide the unlock bar to the left.

7. To use the voice-to-text function of your Nexus One, simply tap on the mic icon on the virtual keyboard and as much as possible speak at a moderate rate and keep what you are going to dictate short.

Other Essential Things You Should Know about your Nexus One

8. The Nexus One’s Gallery app syncs automatically with your Picasa Web Albums. Long pressing a photo on your phone will upload it directly to Picasa.

9. To transfer files from your Nexus One to your PC or Mac, make sure to mount your phone after plugging it into your computer’s USB port. Simply pull down the notifications bar and select the USB icon, select mount and you’re set to go.

10. If you use a live wallpaper, some of these actually react to music beats when you are listening to music. Music visualizers will rotate in 3D while you listen to music.