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Review : Sonorox - Create Tunes on the Go on Your Android Phone

written by: •edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/4/2011

If you always wanted to create your own song, you can explore your skills on an Android phone using Sonorox. Read on to find out more.

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    If you always wanted to be a music producer, you can explore your music creation skills on the go with your Android phone. Sonorox is an innovative Android app developed by Alpha Software. This application was their entry for the Android Developer Challenge 2 (ADC 2). I'll be exploring how you can be on you way to creating your own tunes in the next section.

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    Sonorox-Playing-Sound Sonorox is essentially a very basic sequencer software. It allows you to stack various instrument loops on your screen in a particular sequence over a time line. These loops when placed in an organized sequence creates a complete tune when played over the timeline. There are three instruments available which are Synth, Drums and Guitar.

    The various blocks you see in the screen capture on your left are the various instrument loops which are stacked on the screen. You can drag and place as many loops as you want in a particular sequence. A line passes through this sequence and plays your loop. I spent hours creating my own tunes.

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    Sonorox features options that allow you to save tunes to your memory card and also load your tunes from there. You can upload your tunes to an online community where voters determine the popularity of your tune. You can also download tunes created by other users and play them on Sonorox.

    There is a demo mode on Sonorox to get you started with using the application. You can also clear the entire screen if you want to start with creating a fresh tune.

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    Sonorox is an innovative and fun application that beats other time wasting activities on your Android phone like playing games. You really can't beat the satisfaction of creating your own tunes. One gripe I had with the application was that only three instruments are available, but I'm sure more will be added in future updates.The game will definitely warrant exploring more advanced sequencing software for users who like this application.

    This application may not suit everyone, but you should try it out. The app will keep you enertained for hours on end. Sonorox is available on the Android Market.