Top 5 Best Meat Free Apps: Vegetarian Apps For Android

The following are the best vegetarian apps for Android that non-meat eaters might find useful. It covers everything a "veggie" could possible need from those who are looking for that special place to eat; those who want to know that meat and its by-products are not used in their foods and of course, those who would not mind an app or two that offers several interesting vegetarian recipes.

HappyCow VeginOut Guide

HappyCow VeginOut Guide

At first the name of this app was puzzling, but after considering it for a while we decided it was not so bad; a cow not being eaten is indeed a happy cow. This app allows vegetarians and other health food lovers to find veg-friendly restaurants worldwide. Not only that, it also locates health food stores and other types of vegetarian businesses near your current location. It also allows users to enter a veg-friendly location manually, so that users can save it and know where to find their spots the next time they are in that vicinity. This app provides a list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in over 90 countries including the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.


Animal Free

Animal-Free is a full-featured, guide that detects the hidden animal ingredients that are often found in foods. The app contains a list of hidden animal by-product ingredients which are placed in foods — even those ordinary products that are supposedly animal-free. The vegetarian or vegan shopper can refer to this app when making a conscientious decision to stay true to their lifestyle. Not only that, it explains commonly misunderstood vegan ingredients for those persons who are new at the vegan lifestyle or established vegans who want to learn more about the additives and preservatives that originate from animals. We think this is a good app that could have been great if it had the ability to scan products so the search and discovery process could be a bit more hassle free.



We love tofu too and so this app had a tasty ring to it. The WeLoveTofu developers describes this app as a “friendly guide in the awesome world of vegetarian and vegan cuisine.” The app offers recipe ideas which are added and updated on a weekly basis so the offerings are always fresh. The dishes are described as ‘modern vege cuisine’. We haven't personally tried the recipes that this app presents, but they are rated pretty highly by those who have tried them. Even though there is some variety in the recipes that are listed, it would be nice if it had more.

What Additives

What Additives

What Additives is designed for those persons who want to know exactly what the additives are in the ingredient list. It provides quick reference to information about food additives and labels. In this way users can find out what they are and, best of all for vegetarians, can tell if foods contain meat by-products.

This is indeed a handy resource for those who are concerned about what may be in the foods they eat. It is not only vegetarians who will find this app handy but those who are concerned about eating products that have less than healthy ingredients. That said, we think the developers need to refine the interface a bit, especially in the way the app deals with pop up windows.

E Numbers Calc

E Numbers Calc

The E Numbers Calc app lists over 500 food additives along with their safety level, purpose, side effects and dietary restrictions for vegetarians, vegans and religious groups. The app can be used to simply check if the additive is safe or not. In fact each additive is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 5 being the most detrimental to human health). The application has a number pad or calculator-like interface, that can be used to enter an E number (European Food Safety Authority identification number) or the name for the additive the user wants to get more information on.

One of the best features of this app is the fact that its users can easily switch between different languages, which is very handy when you are in foreign country. The languages that are currently supported include: English, German, French, Spanish and Czech. There is no need to download anything from the Internet because the app contains all that you need. The is a perfect app for vegetarians and anyone who wants to eat healthily and stay fit with their Android phone as a guide.

With these vegetarian apps for Android, "Veggies" should not find it too hard to shop with ease and to find recipes to fit their meat-free lifestyle.


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