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Android Interactive Wallpaper Software

written by: Daniel Kolobaric•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/16/2011

The Android platform is known for supporting interactive wallpaper software in the form of Live Wallpapers. Find out what the best interactive wallpapers are in the Android Market and see how you can get more out of your home screens!

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    Interactive Wallpaper Software on Android

    One unique element of the Android mobile platform is that it supports live wallpapers. These wallpapers were introduced together with Android version 2.1 and have defined, to some extent, the way Android tries to distinguish itself from the competition.

    The case with live wallpapers is that although they are moving images, they are not always interactive. For those that are seeking true interactive wallpaper software for Android look no further. Read on for the best ten interactive live wallpapers on the platform.

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    Twisted Colors

    Twisted Colors Interactive Wallpaper Twisted Color QR Code Twisted Colors is perhaps amongst the most beautiful of the interactive live wallpapers in the Android Market. The subjects of the wallpapers are colored particles that have a drop-like shape. These particles swirl over the screen while they are constantly adjusting their colors.

    The interactive effect is purely in the touch element, although it is very nicely implemented. Swiping from one home screen to another will leave a path of particles and touching in a bare area will create a new center around which the particles will swirl. The interactive background is mesmerizing and will significantly prettify your Android device.

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    Shake Them All!

    Shake Them All! Interactive Wallpaper Shake Them All! QR Code Shake them all! is a good example of what interactive wallpaper software is capable of on Android. The wallpaper itself is fairly simple with a blue background and little ‘droid guys’ being the movable subjects. The setting can, however, be altered as well.

    The application lets you use the various sensors of your phone to help tumble the droid’s across the screen. These sensors include reaction to gravity, acceleration, touch, light and even sound. This means that you can decide how to steer the puppets. Shake Them All! is a fun interactive wallpaper and especially nice to show off your phone’s capabilities.

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    Nexus Revamped Live Wallpaper

    Nexus Revamped Interactive Wallpaper Nexus Revamped QR Code The Nexus Revamped interactive wallpaper is not very different from the very first live wallpaper that was ever shown to the public. People that are familiar with the standard interactive wallpaper that comes with the Nexus One device will recognize this one.

    The Nexus Revamped version of this famous live wallpaper is essentially the same experience, namely colored ‘beams’ that shoot across an on screen grid, but this time highly customizable. Settings include changing the background, particles, physics, reactions, performance and many others. If you like the Nexus background then do not hesitate to upgrade to Nexus Revamped!

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    Live wallpapers on Android do not always support interaction. This is a pity as the concept truly lends itself to creating amazing interactive wallpaper software on Android. Want to see which apps are the best in terms of interactivity at the moment? Look no further and read about the top 10 best Android live wallpapers with an interactive element to them. Learn how these apps use the various phone sensors to create stunning interactive backgrounds!
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    Aquarium Interactive Wallpaper Aquarium QR Code The Aquarium interactive wallpaper for Android is probably the type of background you would expect when live wallpapers were announced. Essentially it puts a nice fish tank on your Android screen, but with a twist!

    The interactive element with the Aquarium wallpaper is that the fish will respond when you touch them. Even better if you double tap anywhere on an empty spot you are feeding the fish so that they will swim to the top to collect the food. Aquarium is cleverly build and nice interactive wallpaper for your Android device.

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    Star Wars Live Wallpaper

    Star Wars Interactive Wallpaper Star Wars Live Wallpaper QR Code The Star Wars Live Wallpapers originally found their way to Android through the R2 D2 Star Wars edition of the Motorola Droid 2 handset. Unsurprisingly, the interactive wallpapers have found their way to the Android Market as well and are now available for purchase for everybody with an Android device that supports live wallpapers.

    The Star Wars Live Wallpapers will only appeal to a select group of enthusiasts but nevertheless they are worth mentioning in this list of apps. The apps all have their clever uses, where one of them lets you, for instance, steer an R2 D2 figure across the screen, using the accelerometer of your phone. Although a fan-only interactive wallpaper, it nevertheless shows the power of current-day smartphones.

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    Google Maps

    Google Maps Interactive Wallpaper Google Maps QR Code Google Maps is for many a strong incentive to use an Android device as Google continues to improve the service. One of the lesser known, but nevertheless clever implementations, is the interactive wallpaper part of the app. Every Android phone with the latest version of Maps installed will be able to find it in the usual live wallpapers place.

    The maps wallpaper is the perfect showcase of clever usage of interactive wallpaper software on Android. The maps are fully interactive in that you can zoom in by double tapping the home screen and zoom out again by using two-finger touch. It is even able to show a variety of views (normal, satellite or terrain), the current weather and traffic info, right on your home screen. It will show your current location, which will change on the move. The Google Maps live wallpaper is perfect for quickly glancing at your location and (probably) readily available on your Android device.

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    Bubble Live Wallpaper

    Bubble Interactive Wallpaper Bubble QR Code The Bubble interactive wallpaper is the perfect experience for people that want to relieve some stress with their Android device. The interactivity is purely centered around trying to break as many bubbles as you can as they appear on your screen!

    This interactive wallpaper software for Android is one of the only ones with an element of competition or at least accomplishment in it as it allows you to add a counter in the top part of the screen. This counter indicates how many bubbles have already been destroyed. In the field of aesthetics, the application allows the user to change the color of the bubbles and the background but not much else. Nevertheless the Bubble live wallpaper is highly addictive and a truly interactive wallpaper for your Android device.

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    Interactive wallpaper software is something that almost defines the Android platform, but it's hard to see which backgrounds are truly worthwhile. However, look no further as you are only one click away from reading about the best 10 live wallpaper apps with an interactive element of 2011! Read how these interactive wallpapers all try to use the unique features of your Android device to provide a compelling live wallpaper experience!
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    Galactic Core Wallpaper

    Galactic Core Interactive Wallpaper Galactic Core QR Code The Galactic Core interactive wallpaper software for Android is a rather stunning background for your phone. Although you would expect space enthusiasts to truly find it appealing, the nebula presented in this particular live wallpaper will possibly attract a lot more Android users.

    The Galactic Code wallpaper is available for free in the Android Market. It presents a spiraling nebula on your home screen that can be interacted with through touching the screen. This will essentially shift the perspective slightly, but not dramatically. The Galactic Core wallpaper is truly amongst the more stunning interactive wallpapers available on the Android system and everyone should at least check it out once.

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    Touch Ripples

    Ripples Interactive Wallpaper Touch Ripples QR Code The Touch Ripples interactive wallpaper software on Android is unique in that it puts a picture on the background of your home screen after which a water ripple effect is initiated with just a touch. The way the photo is transformed during the rippling effect is quite amazing and leaves the user thinking it is a very clear reflection in a pool of water.

    The Touch Ripples wallpaper is really well designed and truly presents a beautiful effect on what is seemingly just a photo background. Even with a lot of touches, and therefore a lot of ripples, the phone does not slow down and the effect remains equally beautiful. It is a very obvious way of showing interactivity in an Android background, but it is very well engineered in this case and therefore deserves a spot in this list.

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    Jumpgate Free Live Wallpaper

    Jumpgate Interactive Wallpaper Jumpgate QR Code Jumpgate Free Live Wallpaper is probably amongst the most technically advanced interactive wallpaper software on Android. The subject is a Droid figure that is flying through space and has to avoid incoming asteroids and other debris. Although you are not the one that is controlling the droid, you can change the perspective dramatically by swiping through your home screens.

    The droid figure itself can be interacted with through means of tapping or double tapping an empty part on any of the home screens. A single tap will make the droid wave at you whereas double tapping will make the Droid do a barrel roll. The Droid itself is completely drawn in 3D, which shows the power of the Android 3D engine. A nice show-off wallpaper but perhaps not something you will want to have permanently.

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    The Best Interactive Wallpaper Software on Android

    To chose the best from a list of all good interactive wallpaper software is a not an easy task. In terms of interactivity they all score high marks and show individual strengths. If I have to chose one that is most complete in terms of level of interactivity, customizability and beauty I would probably either chose Twisted Colors or Galaxy Core. This choice is probably more based on the looks of these apps as they are truly stunning, but nevertheless show how the Android Platform has a lot to offer, whatever your field of interest is.

    Note. If after reading this article you have any suggestions for good Android interactive wallpaper software, feel free to post in the comment box. I will have a look and see if the suggested wallpaper is worth adding to the the list!

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