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How to Transfer Contact Data on Android

written by: Regina Woodard•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 4/11/2011

You've picked up your new phone and now the task of transferring all of your friend's and families numbers to your phone looks to be daunting. Learn how to transfer contact data on Android mobile phones, either with Google, Facebook, or the SD card.

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    So you finally decided to get that mobile upgrade. You've either decided to upgrade your older model for a newer one or you bit the bullet and got an Android smartphone. Getting a new cell phone truly is like getting a new toy - there are so many things that can be done on your Android that you were never able to do before.

    The bottom line for you, however, was to get a phone that could do everything you wanted and that includes the ability to talk to your friends and family. With that, comes the almost painful task of importing all of your contacts to your new phone. Here, we'll take a look at how to transfer contact data on Android phones, from the easy to the ultimate last resort.

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    How to Transfer Contact Data on Android

    Knowing how to transfer contact data on Android phones makes the transition to the new phone that much easier, as well as allowing you to start off with your phone almost immediately. There are a few different ways that you can transfer your contacts - Google, social network, SD card, third party applications, or manually.

    GoogleHow to Transfer Contact Data on Android 

    If you're using an Android phone, chances are you probably use some form of Google software. If you happen to be a Gmail user, you can sync your Gmail contacts with your phone contacts. When you first receive your phone, go to the Gmail app and begin by filling in your information; during this process, the app will ask if you would like to sync your contacts. Select this option and your contacts will be transferred.

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    Social Network

    Many smartphones, including Androids, have the ability to keep you in touch with the latest news from your friends on Facebook and the celebs on Twitter. Most phones will come with these applications already installed, however, you can also go to the Android Market in order to find the ones you want.

    In most cases, when you sign in for the first time on one of the social network apps, it will ask if you would like to add contact data or sync contact data with the network's website. For instance, if many of your contacts are on Facebook, you can not only get their information, but their status updates as well.

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    SD Cards

    SD cards are like portable memory for your smartphone. Many cell and smartphones will come with SD cards, allowing for more storage capacity, for videos, music, games, and more. When upgrading phones, many people will swap their SD card from their old phone and place it in the newer one.

    This can easily be done while in your cell provider's retail store. Often, when buying a new phone, customers will be asked if they want to transfer their data from their card to their new phone, usually keeping the card and placing it in the phone. This allows for contact data (if saved on the SD card) to be moved over to the new phone.

    This option is of course dependent on your phone and the SD card itself.

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    Third Party Applications

    How to Transfer Contact Data on Android Third party applications for transferring contact data may be needed in the case of transferring from different phone platforms, such as Symbian to Android. These apps are usually downloaded to your desktop, and allow you to switch over the contact data.

    There's also the case of going from Windows Mobile to Android - this can be easily solved by using Google's e-mail system by exporting your Outlook contacts to Google and then syncing your Gmail account on your phone. Listings of software can be found in the references section.

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    Manual Conclusion

    As a last resort, you can of course enter in your contact data manually, by typing in new contact information. This is actually not bad if you only have a few contacts that you need to get a hold of via your Android phone. If you have more than a few - such as fifty or a hundred - contacts, the options above are a better way of getting your contacts.

    Knowing how to transfer contact data on Android phones makes it not only easier, but faster to get those important people on your phone. The sooner you have your contacts in place the sooner you can get on with enjoying your new phone.

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