The Best Android Search Apps for Lyrics, Torrents, and More

Voice Search

Voice Search Android App

A very convenient way to search for things on the web is to simply speak your search term. With the Voice Search app, you can do just that. Search the web and the contents of your phone with simple commands. You can also control the phone with voice actions. Place calls by simply stating the contact and using a call command. Sometimes you have to repeat yourself, but that hardly diminishes the simplicity of the app. It's especially useful while driving. The free Voice Search app is available at the Android Market.

Gesture Search

Gesture Search Android App

Another innovative way to search for things on the Android smartphone is with the touchscreen and gestures. The Gesture Search app lets you draw letters on the touchscreen to locate files on your phone. You can quickly find bookmarks, contacts, apps, or music files. The app is responsive to each letter you write and adjusts the search results as you write. With each search query, the search results improve. A downside noted by some users is that the app doesn't adjust to landscape mode when the phone is rotated. The free Gesture Search app is available at the Android Market.


Job Search Android App

A great way to land the next job is to search online on popular job sites. With the Job Search app, you can start that search anywhere. This Android search app is designed to search for jobs posted at The site displays postings from several online job boards. You can read the details of the job and find out how to apply. It's great for locating job offers, but you can't apply directly from the app. For that, you need to use a desktop or laptop. The free Job Search app is available at the Android Market.

Look Up Lyrics

Lyrics Search Android App

Ever wonder what the lines to a song were? Well, with the Lyric Search app, you can find the lyrics to any song by typing the song title into a search box. You can also search by artist. If you want to find a song title or which artist sang a specific song, you can search by specific song lyrics. Not every song is accessible with this app, but new songs are added frequently to the wiki that is used by this app. If the song isn't stored on the wiki, it won't appear in the app search results. The free Lyrics Search app is available at the Android Market.

Find Torrents

Torrent Search Android App

Find torrent files for video files, audio files, and picture files with the Torrent Search app. With this app, you can search the popular torrent sites such as the pirate bay and mininova. This app is only for searching, so you can't download torrents. The search results display the file name and the file size. Use an app like Transdroid Torrent Manager to download the torrents. The free Torrent Search app is available at the Android Market.

All the apps mentioned above are free and are useful for different reasons. The Voice Search app is definitely a must have. Its ease of use and unique search interface gives it an edge over other search apps.


Image Credit – Images courtesy of the respective app developer.