Twitter 2.0 for Android Review

Twitter 2.0 – Twitter Android App

Twitter 2.0 is the second official Twitter app for Android from Twitter itself. It requires Android 2.1+ versions to install and run. Although it shows a drastic improvement over the previous version, Twitter 2.0 is not the best Twitter Android app out there. This Twitter app for Android is a little heavy for Android but since it is from Twitter itself, it is totally secure and safe.

Twitter 2.0

Twitter 2.0 – User Interface (4 out of 5)

The first major change that you will notice in Twitter 2.0 is that it strongly resembles the official Twitter website with more use of the color black, changing from the bright blue that was present in Twitter 1.0. The user interface is well designed so navigating around the application to do frequently performed tasks is simple. On opening the Twitter 2.0 Android app, it shows the tweets of the people that you are following, unlike the previous version that shows a list of tasks that you do frequently. The navigation bar has been pushed to the top and this makes navigating through the app easier.

In Twitter 2.0 you have well placed options to upload pics while you tweet. This is a really great change from the first Twitter app for Android. Every other part of Twitter is more like what you get to see on the official Twitter website and the positioning of the elements on the tweets are just the same. The placement of the search bar and profile button make searching tweets and editing your profile much easier without having to navigate to different parts of the application.

Twitter 2.0 – Features (3 out of 5)

Not many Twitter apps have the @username autocomplete feature. Twitter 2.0 makes it easier for you to tweet by providing you with this feature and uploading photos has never been easier on a Twitter app.

The "pull down to refresh" feature makes it a lot easier for you to follow the stream of tweets by your friends and others that you follow. This allows you to refresh the tweet stream when you desire and thereby saves on your data usage. This feature helps you to read all the tweets and then refresh, very unlike some apps that auto refresh and will have you reading tweets as though you are in a hurry to catch a train.

Twitter 2.0 – Overall Verdict (3 out of 5)

If you are a hardcore Twitter fan boy and love to use only the official apps, you cannot find a better Twitter Android app than Twitter 2.0. The interface is neat and simple but when it comes to features and speed, the application is really slow compared to its contemporaries out there. The avatars load only on scrolling and the application seems to be heavy and not feature rich like Tweetdeck and many other popular third party applications that are available.


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