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The Best Premium Applications for Android

written by: Brenda Barrett•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 1/28/2011

Here is a list reviewing the top 10 best Android paid apps. These premium Android applications are all worth the price.

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    There is simply a ton of apps currently available for devices on the Android platform, but with the increasing rise in popularity of Android cell phones and tablets that number will only get larger. We have gone to the trouble of assembling a list of the top 10 paid apps for Android devices and presented it here. Here is our top ten list of the best Android paid apps.

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    SlideIT Keyboard

    SliteIt - Top 10 Paid Android App 

    If you simply can’t stand what passes for a good onscreen keyboard on most Android devices these days, or you simply need an alternative to punching your smartphone’s keyboard, SlideIt Keyboard is your app. SlideIt allows users to magically enter text by sliding their fingers along the onscreen keyboard to form words.

    The app uses smart predictive text technology that is very good at figuring out what word the user had really intended to write. Many who use this app find it to be a more efficient and fun way to enter text; there is no doubt that this technology is revolutionary. In fact, users are able to dramatically improve writing speeds without facing the steep learning curve that can often come with adapting to a new technology. This paid app costs $6.17 and can be downloaded from this link.

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    PicSay Pro - Photo Editor

    PicSay Pro - Photo Editor 

    Make your photos pop with this fun and capable Android photo editor. This application has many tricks up its sleeve, including the ability to sharpen the focus, remove red eye, insert cutouts of other pictures, crop and straighten, distort, paint, make color splash out of black-and-white pictures, add text and word balloons. The app can also be used to apply effects such as Vignette, Cross Process, Lomo, Pencil Sketch, and much more. The app costs $4.04 and can be downloaded from this link.

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    DocumentsToGo Full Version Key

    DocumentsToGo Full Version Key 

    View, edit and create Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents from your Android device. Recent updates now support password protected Word and Excel files (97-2007). The full version costs $14.99. The free version on the other hand only allows for the viewing of Word and Excel files but not much else. This solution is not ideal for creating complex Office files, especially if the app is being used on the relatively small screen of a smartphone, but it is great if you need to make a quick edit to an existing document or you just need to create a simple one. Here is a download link for DocumentsToGo.

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    Locale - Best Paid Android Apps 

    Concerned about your phone ringing in the middle of a church service or court hearing? Use Locale to automatically change your phone’s settings (ring tone and volume, etc) based on your location or the time of day. The app allows the user to configure the phone based on preset conditions (work, family calling, at home, at the supermarket) that the user creates. The app can set conditions based on metrics from the phone Wi-Fi and GPS signals and other phone conditions. For example, you can instruct Locale to access your GPS, determine when you arrive at the courthouse and turn off the ringer until you leave. This app costs $9.99 and can be downloaded from this link.

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    Talking Tom Cat

    Talking Tom Cat 

    If you need proof that people are obsessed with cute and furry animals, this app will provide that proof. Even though the features of this app are limited to you stroking an onscreen cat to get a purr, giving him milk and listening to him untiringly repeat everything you say, thousands of smartphone owners have downloaded and are using Talking Tom Cat. If you like, you can also record videos of the talking cat (up to 30 sec) and upload them to YouTube and Facebook. You can join the madness for $1.08.

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    Shazam Encore

    Shazam - Androd Best Paid Apps List 

    Use Shazam to discover and buy music. This app is mostly known for its ability to identify music after listening to just a part of the tune (about 30sec). Once the app identifies the song it will display the name of the song and any other relevant information, including the name of the artist and album and give links to videos on YouTube and resources from which the song can be purchased. There is a free version of this app but the paid version ($4.72) has unlimited tagging (new song identification). You can download the app from this link.

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    Our roundup of the best Android paid apps continues on the next page.

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    Top 10 Paid Apps: Android's Best This is a list of the best-paid apps for Androids. This top ten review list includes music apps, a better onscreen keyboard app, and an anti virus app.
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    SoundHound - Best Paid Android Apps 

    We all love music, well, most of us do. So you must forgive us for including another Android music app called SoundHound, in fact it is one of Shazam’s fiercest competitors. SoundHound is an instant music search and discovery app that can recognize a song, or tune, that is being voiced by a speaker or singer. What is even more amazing is that the app usually needs no more than 4 seconds to recognize the song, after which it can provide the name of the artist and the album that the song appears on, among other details.

    SoundHound is also a great resource for those who know their music. Simply saying the title of a song or band is usually all that the app needs to return all the relevant information. The app costs $4.99. Get it from this link.

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    CamScanner - Top ten paid Apps for Android Phones and Tablets 

    Use this app to scan and manage documents. Some really good ways you can use this app include: scanning receipts and business cards so you don’t have to litter your purse or wallet with them. The app takes really clear pictures of the object you snap and uses an auto crop algorithm to ensure that CamScanner won’t be processing and saving large padded margins and unrelated elements that make it into the shot. The full license cost $4.99. There is a free version of this app but you will have to contend with ads. CamScanner download link.

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    MyBackup Pro

    MyBackup Pro - Top 10 Paid Apps for Androids 

    Losing an expensive Android smartphone would be a significant loss for many, but losing valuable contacts, photos and documents could be a disaster. MyBackup Pro provides a solution to backup all the resources of your phone including applications, contacts, calendar, system settings, play lists, text messages, files stored on the SD card and photos.

    The backups can be done manually or they can be scheduled. Once you set things up the application will save everything to where you can find all your files later. This app is also a good solution for moving all the contents of an old phone to a new device. The app costs $4.99 but is worth every penny, if only to have the peace of mind of knowing that your phone is securely backed up.

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    AVG Security Pro

    AVG Security Pro - Best Paid Android Apps 

    We couldn’t conclude a list of the best paid apps for Android without including a virus protection app. Whether we are using a computer or smartphone there seems to be no hiding place from viruses and malware. AVG has long been providing security solutions for computers and now they have a solution to keep Android devices safe from spyware, malware and viruses. In fact this is a robust security solution that can be used to recover a lost or stolen phone or even remotely wipe sensitive data from the device if it can’t be accounted for. The app costs $4.99 and can be downloaded from this link.

    If your budget is running a bit low then check out the best free Android apps.