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Best Android Tube Downloaders

written by: Daniel Kolobaric•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 1/17/2011

Those with an Android device don't have to worry about not having enough tube downloading opportunities in the Android Market. It is easy to save a YouTube movie to your local SD card to enjoy a movie at a later stage. Find out the best options in this article.

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    Android Tube Downloaders Available in the Android Market

    Many people like the opportunity to download YouTube movies to their Android device. Luckily for them there are a few options in the Android Market that will make this happen. As YouTube is a rich vault of a large variety of videos, it can be nice to save some of them for viewing at a later stage when an Internet connection is not necessarily available. Even for those that like to save the audio of a YouTube movie on their Android device for offline listening or to use as a ringtone, there are options. Read on to find out which ones are worth checking out.

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    Video Downloader

    Video Downloader YouTube Screen Video Downloader is a tube downloader solely dedicated to downloading YouTube movies. The app itself is pretty straightforward with a sort of browser that can only show the YouTube mobile site. Getting a movie to download to your SD card is fairly simple from there on. Browse to the desired video to download and select the download button to start downloading the movie. That is all there is to this application. Settings are limited and only let you select the download folder or Wi-Fi preferences.

    As a video downloader is there to download videos, the app does exactly what you would expect from it. Unfortunately it is not possible to select the video format the YouTube movie will be downloaded in or download the audio only in MP3 or other file type. Nevertheless the app does what it says it will and you can’t be too greedy with a free price tag.

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    TubeMate YouTube Download Options TubeMate feels like an advanced version of Video Downloader. It does everything that Video Downloader does and more. For starters, there are a lot more preference options available, letting you use any localized version of YouTube to find movies. Downloading has a ‘fast mode’, which will make a number of connections to enhance download speed. Just like Video Downloader it will only download YouTube movies, but unlike the prior, it will let you select which resolution you want to download in if multiple are available. Unlike Video Downloader you can download the movie just as MP3. As TubeMate is also free it is really just an enhanced version of Video Downloader and pretty much everything you need in a YouTube downloader on your Android device.

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    EasyTube Downloaded Screen EasyTube is true to its name and is indeed the easiest way of downloading a video from YouTube. This doesn’t mean it is the best of its kind, but downloading a movie here is as simple as finding the one you need and simply selecting it. The video doesn’t have to be played or even opened; the downloader will just start downloading. Naturally the simplicity comes at a cost, as EasyTube also has very limited customization options. There is no option to select video quality or type but luckily you can save the downloaded video as MP3. There isn’t a preference panel at all so even the download location cannot be altered. EasyTube is indeed easy, but could really use a few extra options to make the app more interesting. In the end, however, it will get your YouTube movie downloaded. EasyTube is free in the Android Market.

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    The Best Tube Downloader on Android

    It is not hard to point at a winner here as it is clearly TubeMate. The app has enough features to make it the most useful Android tube downloader. The ability to select the download quality or download as an MP3 will please a lot of people. The other apps will also get the job done but are fairly limited in their setup. If you want a quick option for downloading YouTube movies without too much hassle, all of them will do a good job. However, with TubeMate not even having a price tag on it, it is hard for the other two to truly compete.