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Don't Pay for ATM Transactions

written by: Steve McFarlane•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 1/4/2011

Avoid ATM transaction charges by using one of these Android apps for finding a free ATM machine.

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    ATM usage fees are charged by banks to cover their operating costs, or simply to make more money. While most banks do charge a fee for using their ATMs, many small banks and credit unions offer free ATM services. Allpoint, and its members, also have a large network of surcharge free automated banking machines in the US and the UK. What can be challenging is find where those free ATM machines are located.

    You can always use Google Maps and Google Search for Android to find a machine that is close to your location. However, there are apps that are specifically designed for this purpose and are more refined at finding cash dispensers. Use one of these apps to find a free ATM that is close to where you live, work and relax.

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    Allpoint claims to be America’s largest surcharge-free ATM network so it is no wonder that it has one of the best Android apps for locating Allpoint Surcharge free ATM - Android app for free ATM machine free automated teller machines. The app lists more than 37,000 ATMs in the US (35,000) and UK (2,000). The app is quite accurate in locating actual ATMs and can be used to get directions to the machine using a map view. Cardholders from Allpoint’s member institutions can use this app to find surcharge-free banking machines in the network at no charge. You can get the app from this link.

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    ING DIRECT ATM Finder - Android ATM Locator 

    Another app that can be used to find free automated banking machines is ING Direct ATM Finder. The app does pretty much the same job as Allpoint –Surcharge-Free ATM, but also helps its users to find ING Direct Cafes. You can use the app to find the ATM that is closest to your current location or that is located at a specific address. If you prefer a more visual interface, you can use the map view to see a visual representation of where the machines are located. This app is also free to download and use. You can find it at this address.

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    Scotia Bank and ATM Locations

    Scotia Bank and ATM locations 

    If you are a Scotia Bank customer you should find this app useful to void the out-of-network fees that apply when you use another bank’s automated banking machine. You can use the app to find the nearest ScotiaBank branch or teller machine using the phone’s GPS, or use the app to get street view directions. Once you find the branch you want on the app, you can make a call to it, right from the app. The app also works in offline mode, which is a plus if you want to save on data plan charges. The app is free and can be download from this location.

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    You are more likely to find free ATMs being offered by small banks and credit unions, but there are large financial institutions that won’t charge you a transaction fee if you use an ATM that is within their network. Of such, many of the ATM locator apps are designed by large financial institutions to help you find their automated teller machines, but you always have the option of using Google search for Android or Google Maps to do the same.

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