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Android as MP3 Player

written by: Vasanth•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 1/2/2011

There are several apps that will turn your Android phone into a MP3 player. An Android MP3 player app such as MP3 Spotter searches for songs online and downloads them to the phone. MP3tunes Locker, MP3 Music Download Advance, Music Box, and Music Junk are four more music apps designed for Android.

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    MP3 Spotter

    MP3 Spotter Android App MP3 Spotter Android App MP3 Spotter is one of several Android MP3 player apps available on the app market for Android phones. It contains a search function, which lets you search online for your favorite songs by title or artist. Once you find the song, you can download it to the phone or SD card. Multiple songs can be downloaded at the same time and the progress of the download can be viewed. Each file can be edited for tags and art. To download the app, visit this site.

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    MP3tunes Locker

    MP3tunes Locker Android App MP3tunes Locker Android App MP3tunes Locker is another Android MP3 player app. It works by connecting your Android powered phone to an online music storage locker. The locker contains all your songs that are on your computer. Simply upload the songs to a locker at A free account on the site is required for the app to work. Once it's all setup, you can search for your songs by title or artist. The songs are streamed to your phone. For more information about this app, visit the official site of MP3tunes Locker.

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    MP3 Music Download Advanced

    mp3-music-download-advanced mp3-music-download-advanced MP3 Music Download Advanced is another app that turns your Android phone into an MP3 player. It features a search function that returns MP3 files found online. The app can stream the music file or download it. Not only does the app play the song, it also displays the lyrics to the song. The app stores each song in a library, and you can rate each one. For more information about MP3 Music Download Advanced, visit this site.

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    MP3 Music Box

    MP3 Music Box MP3 Music Box Android App MP3 Music Box is an Android app that searches for and downloads MP3 music files from a database. You can listen to your favorite songs anywhere on your Android powered phone. This app also features music chart information, such as the Billboard top 100 songs. The music charts are updated on a weekly basis. For more information about MP3 Music Box, visit the official site of this app.

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    Music Junk

    Music Junk Android App Music Junk Android App Music Junk is another Android MP3 player app that is designed to search for and download MP3 music files. During the search, the app displays the file information including the file size, length of song, bitrate, and album art. Some song files will also display the lyrics. Multiple songs can be downloaded at the same time, and the progress of each song will be shown in the notification bar. Songs can be downloaded to the phone or SD card. Once the file is downloaded, you can edit the tags. For more information about Music Junk, visit this site.