Review of SplashShopper for BlackBerry

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Have you ever spent all day running just a couple of errands? Sometimes at the end of my trips, I wonder where all of my time went. I thought that I was well organized with my all of my shopping lists and to-do items, but I was wrong. I was still wasting too much time and coming home without one or two things that I was supposed to get.

Enters SplashShopper. This little neat application from SplashData allows you to organize your shopping list, complete with information such as which store to go to and even the price of each item.


SplashShopper allows you to categorize your shopping list. The views that are available are “All” and “Need”, so you can filter for the items that are necessary if you are low on time. Here are some of the other features that may be of assistance:

· Preloaded lists of items

· Edible items to add including store, aisle, price and coupon information.

· The ability to mark any item as a need

· Check off items after they have been purchased

· Ability to change color and font size of list items

· Sort lists by store name, price and item

· Ability to create QuickLists of things that needs to be purchased regularly


· Unlimited number of lists that can be added, deleted or modified

· Ability to sort columns in a number of different ways

· Ability to “cross-out”, or “check off”, items as they are purchased


· Extremely difficult to create Quicklists. The program stalls a bit on this task.

Verdict (4 out of 5)

Grocery lists are not the only thing that can be utilized by SplashShopper. Errands such as stopping off at the cleaners, taking items back to library or Blockbuster, or items to be done before traveling are all great duties that can be managed by this application. It is very handy and comes from a very respectable company. I didn’t have much difficulty dealing with the program and enjoyed my experience with it. There are a couple of things that can be improved upon, but in all it is a great little tool.