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Best BlackBerry Clock Apps

written by: Shanna James•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 11/10/2010

BlackBerry clock applications are some of the most popular applications because of their fun and unique design and obviously the fact they keep users up to date on the time. Here are some of the best BlackBerry clock applications.

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    BlackBerry Clock Applications

    Some people travel often and are in need of apps that will keep them briefed on the changing time zones. Some people look for a BlackBerry talking clock application because they are visually impaired and are in need of audible time. Whatever the reason you'll find some great BlackBerry clock applications here.

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    Cool Color Clock

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    Cool Color Clock logo 

    Cool Color Clock screenshot 

    This clock is especially unique. It tells the time by using colors. The circle in the center represents the hour, the circle around that one represents the minutes and the thin outer band represents the seconds.

    Cool Color Clock screenshot2 Users are able to change the color scheme of the clock to suit their preference or can change each color using the 'Custom Color' option to create their own unique color scheme. This fun and colorful BlackBerry clock application costs $1.99 and can be purchased at

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    World Clock- Free Trial

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    World Clock trial screenshot World Clock trial screenshot2 This BlackBerry clock application keeps users on time in more than 800 cities across the globe. Travellers will always be up-to-date on the time with just a simple click. It can be used to plan meetings and synchronise them with a calendar. This BlackBerry clock application is free for a 7 day trial and can be downloaded at

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    World Clock

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    World Clock Logo 

    World Clock screenshot 

    This application tells the time of up to 1,500 different cities in the world. This BlackBerry clock application keeps user up to date on the time across the globe. It offers a stylish user interface and fast location updates. Users have the option of switching between an analog and digital clock display.

    World Clock screenshot2 The World Clock application also calculates Daylight Savings and automatically adjusts the clock when and where necessary. This BlackBerry clock application costs $0.99 and can be purchased at

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    Vorino Clock Screensaver

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    Vorino Clock Screensaver logo 

    Vorino Clock Screensaver screenshot This analog BlackBerry clock application can be used as a screensaver or as an application. It offers optional chimes, world clocks and various color and appearance options. This application is great for those with poor vision or hearing because of the optional chimes, LED light or vibrate mode. Chimes can be set to alarm every hour, 1/2 hour or 1/4 hour.

    Vorino Clock Screensaver screenshot2 Vorino Clock Screensaver screenshot3 The Vorino Clock Screensaver has over 140 solid color backgrounds and 16 wallpapers. This BlackBerry clock application costs $3.99 and can be purchased for

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    Alarm Clock

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    Alarm Clock screenshot The Alarm Clock application is an easy to use clock application. It allows users the ability to activate several alarm sounds, LED lights and vibration. It can be set to alarm at yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or at a specific time.

    Alarm Clock screenshot3 The Alarm Clock application will need permission to function correctly once installed. This BlackBerry clock application costs $4.99 and can be purchased at

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    Talking Clock

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    Talking Clock logo Talking Clock screenshot This and similar BlackBerry talking clock applications speak the time at specific intervals. This application is great for the visually impaired. This BlackBerry talking clock app can be configured to tell the time every hour, every two hours and every three hours. It can also be set to alarm at any time and each alarm can be set with a specific chime. The clock can be displayed in either analog or digital mode and costs $2.99 at

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    These BlackBerry clock applications are the best options is you want to stay up to date with the time, whether you are travelling or just needing a trustworthy alarm.

    Image Source: BlackBerry App World