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Guide to BlackBerry Music Videos

written by: Mihir Shah•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 10/9/2010

Have you ever wondered how people have thousands of music videos on their BlackBerry? This guide on BlackBerry MP4 music video downloads will help identify various ways to put any music video desired onto the BlackBerry.

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    Introduction to BlackBerry Music Videos


    Many BlackBerry users wonder how to get music videos on their phone. Undoubtedly, for unlimited data plan subscribers, there is YouTube, which eliminates the need for downloading. However, it is also a fact that YouTube buffering times can be a bit of an inconvenience. The question then is, where can users gain access to BlackBerry MP4 music downloads? The ideal way to download music videos onto any BlackBerry phone is through the SD card. In order to do this though, the music video must be on your computer's hard drive. The different methods of watching MP4 music videos on the BlackBerry include, from music cd/dvd, and through BlackBerry App World.

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    Using to Download Music Videos onto the BlackBerry

    One of the basic methods of loading and watching MP4 videos on the BlackBerry is by using is a website that promotes the ease of accessibility of streaming video. In other words, it allows videos from websites such as YouTube to be downloaded and put on the computer hard drive. The first step is to open a browser and go to The next step is to open a separate tab or browser, go the YouTube website, and identify the desired music video for download. Using the cursor, copy the entire YouTube link and paste it into the URL bar on Select "MP4" for highest quality of the music video and begin the download. A pop-up bar for "SAVE AS" will come up to title the music video, and determine the download location of the file. Once the file is downloaded, connect the BlackBerry to the computer via USB. Drag and drop the selected video from the comptuer location into the videos section of the BlackBerry. The music video will now be playable on the BlackBerry.

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    Using CD/DVD to Download Music Videos onto the BlackBerry

    Another process, although time consuming, that will put music videos onto the BlackBerry is to copy them from CDs or DVDs. For those that have music videos on CDs and DVDs, the key is to copy the disc onto the hard drive of the computer. By doing this, all the music videos will be on the computer. As with the instructions, locate the files and drag them into the BlackBerry videos location. Depending on computer speed and specifications, this process may take anywhere from minutes to an hour depending on how many music videos are being downloaded to the hard drive, and then transferred to the BlackBerry.

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    Downloading BlackBerry Applications for Music Videos

    The least time consuming of the options for watching music videos on the BlackBerry is downloading the right BlackBerry apps. A list of music video apps is available on BlackBerry's website; however, the most prominent music video apps are the LP33 TV and VH1 Hip Hop. There are various other apps geared for local or regional music videos as well.

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    While there can be countless methods of BlackBerry MP4 music video downloads, the simplest and most efficient are the use of, cd/dvd, and downloading music videos through BlackBerry Appworld.