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Top Ten BlackBerry Tour Applications

written by: Shanna James•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 9/15/2010

RIM is constantly making new phones with new designs, and the application developers, including RIM, are constantly developing new apps. This article will provide you with the top ten BlackBerry Tour applications that are available on the BlackBerry App World website.

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    BlackBerry Tour Applications

    The Tour is a sleekly designed and attractive BlackBerry available to everyone. It features enhanced music and video capabilities as well as the ability to enable GPS tracking and enhanced map views. Users are in constant need of applications which are useful, efficient and fun on their BlackBerry mobiles. In this day and age, people are always on the go and the need to travel light is a necessity. It is difficult to travel with a camera, laptop and mobile phone. The BlackBerry mobile has combined those devices so you don't have to. You can also boost the functionality of your BlackBerry Tour with some apps or applications and they are often free for download. But what are the best BlackBerry Tour applications? Instead of going through pages and pages of low quality and useless apps here is a list of the top ten BlackBerry Tour apps.

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    1. WorldMate Live

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    WorldMate Live Logo 

    WorldMate Live Screenshot 

    WorldMate Live is a very popular free BlackBerry Tour application and travel aid. This app helps users to plan trips on the road and even vacations overseas. Users are able to gain instant access to very helpful resources and tools which make their trip hassle-free. It works by finding and scheduling flights, hotel accommodation and car rental confirmations. All of this information is emailed to your BlackBerry Tour and can be accessed on the WorldMate website as well. WorldMate Live is free for download at: Download link

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    2. Dragon for E-Mail

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    Dragon Logo Dragon Screenshot Like its PC counterpart, Dragon enables speech-to-text capabilities. Entering data on the go can be troublesome and Dragon for E-mail makes it easier. Users can dictate information into their BlackBerry Tour email client. Dragon picks up words very easily, even while in crowded and loud places. It works within the email client. Once opening a new blank draft, users only need to begin dictating into their phone. Similar BlackBerry Tour applications are faulty and don’t pick up words as easily as Dragon for E-mail. It can be reviewed and downloaded via the BlackBerry website at: Download Link

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    3. In Case of Emergency

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    ICE logo ICE screenshot It is very important for individuals to travel with vital information about their health in case of emergency. The ICE wave has alerted almost every person worldwide advising certain precautions taken in case circumstances arise where they are in need of immediate help. The In Case of Emergency BlackBerry app stores its users’ medical information easily so rescue personnel can view it in emergency situations. This BlackBerry Tour application stores personal data such as, medications, existing medical conditions, a name and number of the users’ primary physician and health insurer. Users gain peace of mind while using this application and regardless of what happens at least vital information is readily available to professional services in order to increase their chances of treating quickly and without error. It is free and can be downloaded at: Download Link

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    The Best BlackBerry Tour ApplicationsRead this article to get an insight into some of the best BlackBerry Tour apps you can get. In this section we take a look at some great BlackBerry Tour apps like AP Mobile, CallMe, Pandora and Snaptu.
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    4. AP Mobile

    Rating Average

    AP Mobile Logo AP Mobile Screenshot AP Mobile is a mobile news application that has won various awards for its precise and useable interface and design. It is one of the best BlackBerry Tour apps available to all BlackBerry users worldwide. It provides instant access to news, both international and local and also features several local newspapers ready to be viewed straight from the phone. AP Mobile constantly updates its news throughout the course of the day so users don’t miss out on any important information. Each article is viewable from a set of categories, complete with pictures and streaming video if applicable. You can get it free at: Download Link

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    5. CallMe

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    CallMe Logo CallMe Screenshot This is a very useful and fun application for anyone ever caught in a conversation they wish they could get out of. This BlackBerry Tour app allows users to fake an incoming call with just one click. It features a timer so fiddling with the phone right before it rings won’t become suspicious and also a ‘hide me’ feature for discretion. This app makes it very easy to run out to get a call and end the tedious chatter of an acquaintance. It is extremely cheap at just 99 cents and can be downloaded at: Download Link

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    6. Pandora

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    Pandora Logo Pandora Screenshot Pandora is a personalized radio station for people looking for music that they would like to hear. It works by automatically choosing various artists and songs that match a users’ taste. After selecting one song Pandora lists and plays other similar tunes. It also gives users the ability to rate or ‘love’ songs and aims to play those selected songs more regularly. It has a plethora of musical styles to choose from including, jazz, hip-hop, classical, latin, pop and dance just to name a few. It can be downloaded from the BlackBerry app store at: Download Link

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    7. Snaptu

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    Snaptu Loho Snaptu Screenshot For users who have an app for each social network and tool, Snaptu is a relief. It combines all your networking BlackBerry Tour applications into one place. Popular sites like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr and games like Sudoku, plus weather and sport updates are all located in one app . This all-in-one app uses less power than having three or four apps open would and also doesn’t slow down the phone. It is absolutely free and available for download at: Download Link

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    The Most Popular Blackberry Tour AppsThis article will provide you with a list of the top ten BlackBerry Tour applications that can be downloaded at the BlackBerry App World website. We round off the top ten BlackBerry Tour apps with Super Pages Mobile, Total Fitness and StudentDocket.
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    8. Superpages Mobile

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    Superpages Logo Superpages Screenshot While on the go users are in need of information fast and they can turn to Superpages to get it. Superpages is an award winning application that helps consumers locate and contact top of the line services like repair services, for example. Superpages rates local businesses based on consumer ratings and awards the best one with the SuperGuarantee Shield. It can be downloaded here: Download Link

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    9. Total Fitness

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    Total Fitness Logo Total Fitness Screenshot Fitness junkies the world over are in need of an application that makes tracking their progress easy. The Total Fitness BlackBerry app manages daily food intake and exercise routines, tracking the overall health of its user. It features a Nutrition option that keeps a record of how many carbohydrates, calories, sugar, fiber, cholesterol and saturated fat are consumed within one day. It also constructs a graph at the end of each month that helps users to view their eating habits and times. The Exercise category helps users with animated instructive videos and workout routines for toning particular areas of the body. Users can keep track of their weight loss using charts and logs automatically constructed by the application. It has a third category called Body which tracks its users’ ongoing health, like their blood pressure, body weight and fat, and their pulse. This BlackBerry Tour application is a well-rounded aid to staying fit and healthy and can be purchased for only $5 at: Download Link

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    10. StudentDocket

    Rating Average

    StudentDocket Logo StudentDocket Screenshot StudentDocket is an effective tool for organizing and studying created just for students. It works by allowing its users to view all their assignments separated by subject and due time. It also features optional color coding for easy viewing and references. There is also the option of breaking down large assignments into multiple small tasks with the new project management feature. It is widely used by many students both locally and internationally and is available for purchase at: Download Link

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    There are many unique and useable BlackBerry Tour applications on the web today. BlackBerry Tour apps aim to help their users make easier tasks out of difficult ones. For more applications the BlackBerry App World is the best site to visit.