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A Guide to Importing Contacts From a BB to Your New Android Phone

written by: Terry Caron•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 9/12/2010

Most electronic stores and cell phone retailers will help you import the contacts from your old cell phone to your new one. If you recently switched from a BlackBerry device to an Android phone and would like to import your contacts yourself here are some steps that will help you.

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    Importing your contacts from a BlackBerry device to an Android device is relatively simple. All it requires is a few minutes of time, a PC with an internet connection and both devices. You will also need to have the Blackberry Desktop Manager installed on your PC. Here are the guidelines for two popular methods for importing your BlackBerry contacts to your Android Phone.

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    Export using BlackBerry Desktop Manager and Outlook

    If you do not have BlackBerry Desktop Manager then you will need this on your PC. You can download this from BlackBerry App World or the BlackBerry Site. Once this has been downloaded and installed, follow these steps to begin importing your contacts from a BlackBerry to an Android device.

    To start we will synchronize our contacts to Outlook using BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

    1. Connect your BlackBerry to the computer, with the USB cable and open Desktop Manager.
    2. Now select “synchronize” in Desktop Manager.

    Export Outlook contacts to .CSV:

    1. From Outlook, select File > Import and Export.
    2. Choose “Export to a File” and hit Next.
    3. Select “Comma Separated Values (DOS)” and hit Next.
    4. Select “Contacts” from the list of folders and hit Next.
    5. Use the browse to a save location (I like to use my Desktop) and hit Next.
    6. Select Finish.
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    Import Using GMail

    The next step in the process is to import the contacts. CSV file to a Gmail account. If you do not have a GMail account you can create one for free here.

    Import .CSV to GMail:

    1. Log into your GMail account.
    2. From your GMail account select “contacts”. Choose Import contacts and browse to the CSV file.
    3. Select Import.
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    Alternate Method Using Google Sync

    An increasingly popular method for completing this is also done using Google Sync. Google sync is a popular program that works well for many users attempting to import their contacts from one model of phone to another. It works very well when importing contacts from BlackBerry to Android phones. Try this out if you do not have, or do not wish to use, MS Outlook.

    1. If possible, sync your BlackBerry with Gmail prior to activating your new Android phone. It can be done otherwise but may be more difficult.
    2. Download the Google Sync app to sync your BlackBerry with Gmail.
    3. Check your Gmail account to ensure everything you want is loaded to it.
    4. Activate the Android phone if it is not activated already.
    5. Connect your Gmail account and make sure that Sync is set up on your phone.
    6. That is it. All of your contacts should be imported from your BlackBerry to your Android phone.
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    There you have two simple methods for importing your contacts from your BlackBerry phone to an Android phone. These methods are relatively simple and do not take much time to complete. These methods also assist with creating a backup copy of your contacts into a GMail account in the event something happens to your phone.