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Learning a Language with your BlackBerry

written by: Steve McFarlane•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/19/2011

We take a look at some of the best and most highly rated BlackBerry language apps in this round up. So, why not learn a new language with your BlackBerry?

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    With BlackBerry language apps you can learn a second language at your own pace and convenience and also use the app as a live translation tool. Most of the language apps that we cover in this roundup have content for users who are at the beginner stage and even users in the advanced stages of learning a new language. Here are some great BlackBerry language apps.

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    LearnChinese is an audio language tool that has over 400 self-contained lessons for learning the Mandarin language. Users can Learn Chinese - Blackberry Second Language application -apps -pic choose the pace at which they learn, to the extent that they can pause and resume a lesson at any time or place they need to. The application tries to make the learning process fun, but effective, by ensuring that content for beginners and advanced students is included. The student only needs to choose the difficulty level he or she wishes to work at. The difficulty levels are as follows:

    • Newbie
    • Elementary
    • Intermediate
    • Upper Intermediate
    • Advanced

    LeanChinese cost $4.99 and can be downloaded from the BBM app store.

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    This language education tool installs 295 self-contained audio lessons on your BB device, which makes it really easy to study at your Learn Spanish - Language application for Blackberries own convenience. Users can study around their schedule and focus on their interest by selecting and studying lessons and scenarios that they are more likely to be engaged in. This method of learning (the situational model) also helps the student to really put him or herself in the conversation, a process that helps to make the lesson stick in the mind. The difficulty levels are:

    • Newbie
    • Elementary
    • Intermediate
    • Upper Intermediate
    • Advanced

    LearnSpanish costs $4.99 and can be downloaded from the BBM app store.

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    This language learning software is one of the most highly rated Blackberry apps for persons wanting to learn a new language or perfect their pronunciation. LearnEnglish allows the student to study any of the 240 lessons that is installed with the app. Students canLearn English - Blackberry Language app - pic  choose the pace at which they progress through the program, in essence pausing and resuming a lesson at their convenience. The lesson status will also indicate the percentage that is complete as the user progresses. The difficulty levels are:

    • Newbie
    • Elementary
    • Intermediate
    • Upper Intermediate
    • Advanced

    Just like the LearnChinese and LearnSpanish apps, LearnEnglish cost $4.99 and can be downloaded from the BlackBerry app store.

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    Having an app that focuses on one language is great, but if you need a multi-talented translator FancyTran may be the app for you.FancyTran -Blackberry language apps - pic  The app draws on several online resources including Google Translate, Systran, FreeTranslation, and Bing Translator to serve the user. FancyTran currently supports 64 languages with more to come. This app is great for translating foreign language emails and documents that are being reviewed on the phone, as well as random queries from the user.

    Some key features include:

    • The use of multiple translation services for better accuracy.
    • Automatic source language detection.
    • Translation and dictionary mode.
    • Integration with the BlackBerry Email/SMS/PIN and other applications.

    FancyTran is free to download. There is also a pro edition that offers on the fly translation services and customizable interface themes. The app can be downloaded from this link.

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    Even while you are learning a new language, you may still need to communicate with others in that language. For this purpose Transclick is a Transclick -Apps for learning a new language - pic handy language translations tool. Transclick has patented technology that facilitates the translation of messages in a context and jargon specific manner. It does this in real-time for any of the 16 languages it supports, which include: Arabic, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Indonesian, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and Haitian Creole.

    As a matter of fact, the software has specialized subject dictionaries for specific industries, which enables the app to provide more accurate translations. Transclick costs $9.99 and can be downloaded from this link.

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    While there are other BlackBerry language translations apps available, we only included those that have the highest ratings, download stats and positive user feedback.

    Image credits: All images are the property of the respective app developers