Guide to BlackBerry Internet Service


BlackBerry smartphones provide users with so many different features that not all are known to each user when they purchase their first BlackBerry phone. One of those incredible features is BlackBerry internet service. This service allows users to set up their personal, work, or school email accounts on their smartphones so that they can receive their email messages on their phone. They have the ability to respond to the messages, forward the messages, and compose original messages should they need to do so. This article will provide a go to guide for setting up your Blackberry internet service, which also allows users to use instant messaging applications such as Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, and AOL Instant Messenger. Having Internet service also allows users to log onto their favorite websites from their BlackBerry smartphones.

Setting Up Internet Service from Computer

You have two options when it comes to setting up your BlackBerry internet service; from your laptop or desktop computer or from your BlackBerry smartphone. The first thing you need to find out, which can be done by looking through the Blackberry smartphone help guide provided in your package, is to check who provides your service. You will either have service provided by Optus, Telstra, or Vodafone; all of which are BlackBerry web clients. You will need to log onto one of these three sites.

You will then need to click on the Create New Account link on your specific site. The next step is to read and accept the legal terms on the account setup page. Step three is to type in the Personal Identification Number (PIN) and the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) into the provided box. If you do not have either of these items you can type in the Electronic Serial Number (ESN). Now you can click Continue to enter in your user name and password. The next step is to click the Sign Up button. The following step is to click the Next button, which will finish your account set up.

Setup from Blackberry Smartphone

The easiest option available when it comes to setting up your BlackBerry internet service is on your BlackBerry smartphone.

Step 1: Verify that your smartphone is connected to the Internet by clicking on the icon that looks like a tower with sound waves coming out of it. It is called Manage Connections.

Step 2: Should the sign in screen not appear you can click on Email Settings. Now you can click on Create New Account > Get Link.

Step 3: You must now read and accept the legal terms.

Step 4: Type in your user name and password prior to clicking on the Next button.

Step 5: You can now add an existing email address from a Gmail, Yahoo, Windows, Comcast, Verizon or other email client. You could also create a BlackBerry email address.Click Next and your account becomes active.