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Golf Software for Your BlackBerry - GPS Range Finders and Golf Scorers

written by: Steve McFarlane•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/25/2011

These BlackBerry apps are cost effective and convenient software solutions to help you plan how you will play a course and keep score of how everyone is doing. Some even have a GPS range finder and course mapping software.

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    The GPS range finders in this roundup are so feature-rich that many can match the accuracy of some dedicated GPS devices that can cost north of $300. While there are free options available, the paid options are not very expensive either. Here are some great golf GPS and game scorer software solutions for your BlackBerry.

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    Golf Genie Pro

    This app was awarded the “Best Golf Product” for 2010 by the Golf Today magazine and has been featured on USA Today, and Golf Genie-golf gps for blackberry-bbm-blackb-pic the Golf Channel. The app provides tips and guides to improve your game by including over 100 illustrations on how to execute basic and advanced golf shots. The illustrations show how to setup: pitches, chip shots, fades and straight shots. It can also help golfers to correct problems with their slice, hook, and pull shots, among others. The app was designed by top PGA instructors and therefore conforms to the United States Golf Association (USGA) and Royal and Ancient (R&A) rules; best of all, it is legal to use on the course as a reference. The app costs $5.99 and is available on the BB app store.

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    MTT Golf GPS Caddy V2

    Like the nRange app, MTT Golf GPS Caddy V2 shows distances to the front, back and center of the green in real-time and can also MTT Golf GPS Caddy V2 show the distance to course obstacles such as trees, bunkers and water features. The app does come at a $9.99 premium, compared to other apps highlighted here, but for that users get to download an unlimited number of courses from the MTTGolf server. Luckily, skeptics can opt to try the fully functional limited period trial version before purchasing the app. Other notable features include the ability to record golf scores and support for the wider screen on Blackberry Storm phones. The app can be downloaded from the Blackberry App store.

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    Tee Wagers Golf

    If you are looking for a way to track you and your buddy’s golf scores, then this golf scorer app for the BlackBerry could be the one for you. Tee Wagers Golf Tee Wagers Golf-best gps golf app for blackberry-free also has several golf games (rabbit, umbrella and skins) integrated into the application. The app makes it easy to setup each game and track scores and money. Once the game is over, you can email the results to your friends, or save them under your favorites if you really had fun or did particularly well on the day. There is a free version that has limited demo functionality, but the full version is available for $3.99.

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    Swing by Swing Free Golf GPS Range Finder

    This is a full-feature range finder golf app for BlackBerry smartphones. With just a tap of the screen golfers can see the distance to Golf gps rangefinders comparison-pic another point on the course to help them plot how they will play the shot. The app comes with access to play hundreds of golf courses. If users can’t find their course, they can go to and add it themselves. The main limitation of this app is the fact that it requires users to login to a server to play a course. This wouldn’t be a problem except that the servers seem to have a problem handling all the updates and login requests from users. Then again, it is a free app, but still, it works well despite the server issue. It can be downloaded at the BlackBerry app store.

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    nRange Golf GPS

    It is amazing that an app with this many features is free. The nRange Golf GPS app is a top-rated GPS golf app for your BlackBerry smartnRange Golf GPS-golf scorer for the blackberry phone that has over 19,000 golf courses already stored in its database. The developers of the app say they are able to upload any US golf course within 2 days. Once the course is in the app, golfers can use the GPS to get distances to the front, back, and center of the green as well as track their play distances as they progress. If you have a tendency to hit the ball into bunkers, trees and the water, the app can also give you the distance to those course features so you can decide how much energy to put into the next drive. Some other notable features include:

    • Aerial shots of the course and visualization of the green outline.
    • The ability to record your scoring stats and review your play history including: Fairway hits, GIR, putts, penalty shots and more.
    • Automatic listing of the three closest golf courses.

    The nRange Golf GPS app can be downloaded free of charge.

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    GPS and Golfing

    Using your phone's GPS is a great and convenient way to plan your next game, keep track of scores and plan how you are going to navigate various obstacles. Because GPS golfing applications often use your data plan to access information on the course you are reviewing or playing, it is recommended that you get an unlimited data plan if possible. Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that the GPS feature will drain your phone’s battery quickly, so it is a good idea to have the phone fully charged before heading out, and carry some kind of charging device with you as well. For those who don't know, the Google Android platform has some pretty great golf apps too.

    Image credits: All golf app images are the proper of the respective app developers.

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