Transferring BlackBerry Pearl Pictures from Phone to Computer

Transfer pictures using Roxio Media Manager

BlackBerry Pearl

Roxio Media Manager is a multipurpose media application for BlackBerry devices that allows you to manage all of your media files from one application. Media Manager makes transferring pictures from the BlackBerry Pearl to the PC simple and painless. The following steps will show you how to move pictures to your PC with Media Manager.

1. Connect the BlackBerry Pearl to your computer using the micro-USB cable provided.

2. On the computer, open BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

3. Click on "media".

4. In the Media Manager section, click "Start".

5. From here you can drag and drop a single picture, group or folder from one window to the window representing the PC.

This is one of the simplest methods of transfering pictures. If you dont have Roxio Media Manager you can download it from the Roxio site. This will be the best way to transfer files if you do not have an SD card plugged into your BlackBerry Pearl.

Transfer Pictures using USB Cable

You can also transfer BlackBerry Pearl pictures from your phone to your computer by using just the micro-USB cable that came with the Pearl. By connecting the cable to the Pearl and then to the PC the BlackBerry Pearl will work like an external hard drive. Here are the steps to use for this method of transferring pictures to the PC.

  1. Plug the large end of the USB cable into an open USB port on the PC.
  2. Plug the small end of the USB cable into your BlackBerry Pearl.
  3. Windows will install the proper drivers for the BlackBerry Pearl if this is the first time it was connected to the computer.
  4. When the drivers are finished loading, open Windows Explorer. Browse to your BlackBerry in Windows Explorer and browse to the "Pictures" folder under the "BlackBerry" directory on your BlackBerry Pearl.
  5. Select the pictures you'd like to download and press "Ctrl" and "C". This will copy the images selected.
  6. Browse to the folder where you'd like to paste the images and press "Ctrl" and "V" to paste the images into this folder.

This is another simple method of transferring pictures from the BlackBerry Pearl to PC.

Transfer pictures from BlackBerry Pearl to PC with Bluetooth


With the latest software additions and upgrades to the BlackBerry OS and PC software, transferring pictures using Bluetooth technology has become easier and more reliable than ever.

Activate Bluetooth on the BlackBerry Pearl.

The process for this is fairly simple. It will require you to activate Bluetooth on the BlackBerry Pearl, and the PC.

1. In device options, on the BlackBerry Pearl, choose Bluetooth > press the "blackberry" key > press "enable Bluetooth".

Once Bluetooth has been activated then you will need to pair the BlackBerry Pearl with the PC.

Pairing with a Bluetooth device

(Some Bluetooth enabled devices use a passkey that must be typed in before you can pair with the device.)

  1. In the Bluetooth setup application, click Search for devices from here or allow another device to find me.
  2. Click OK.
  3. If necessary, click a Bluetooth enabled device.
  4. If necessary use the Bluetooth passkey where requested or required.

Connect to a Bluetooth enabled device

Verify that Bluetooth is on and that your BlackBerry device is paired with the Bluetooth device.

  1. In the device options, select Bluetooth.
  2. Click on the Bluetooth enabled device.
  3. Click “Connect.

Transfer pictures from Blackberry Pearl to PC.

  1. In the media application, click a media type.
  2. If necessary, click a category.
  3. Highlight a media file.
  4. Press the Menu key.
  5. Click one of the following menu items:
    • Send As Email
    • Send As MMS
    • Send Using Bluetooth

These are three popular and simple methods for the BlackBerry Pearl to allow you to transfer pictures from your phone to your computer. Test them out and see which method works best for you.