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Free BlackBerry Bold Themes

written by: Kristina Dems•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 6/21/2010

It's never easy finding a suitable look for your BlackBerry Bold. Here are some recommended free BlackBerry Bold themes downloads that should help you find the look you're seeking.

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    BlackBerry Bold Themes

    Free BlackBerry Bold themes downloads are a little hard to find because most theme designers choose to release their themes as premium themes. However, with a little patience and some creative use of search engines, you will find some pretty good BlackBerry Bold themes that you can download for free.

    To use these themes, click on the download links provided below. Use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager or the application loader. Make sure that your phone is connected to your computer using the USB cable. After downloading, click add and browse the downloaded file. The application loader will install the new theme. After the installation, go to Options and click Themes on your phone. Select your new theme and click OK.

    Here are 5 recommended free BlackBerry Bold themes downloads to start off your collection.

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    Simple D

    Simple D Created by Daniel0181 from, Simple D is a serene and luminous theme aptly named because of its simple and clean style. The theme features a neat home screen that slightly deviates from the usual loud and colorful home screens seen on most BlackBerry devices. Even though it is a little bit dark, it still has the luminosity that does not hurt the eye and makes navigating through the BlackBerry a peaceful and relaxing experience. Simple D is not just available for the BlackBerry Bold. It can also be installed on other BlackBerry devices. It can be downloaded over the air for free.

    Click Here to Download

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    New Age

    New Age New Age is a minimalist theme that features a hidden dock, four customizable dock buttons, an exclusive New Age icon pack and a default background that is fiber black, which is elegant to look at. This fiber black background can be customized if you prefer to use your own background image. This theme was initially exclusive to the BlackBerry Bold, but since it looks very nice and is gaining popularity in the BlackBerry community, it is starting to get ported to other BlackBerry devices.

    To download this theme, register for free in the BlackBerry Software community. After the registration, visit the Download Page. Then, follow the same procedure.

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    E Series Sidescroll

    E series Sidescroll The E Series Sidescroll theme is a dark one that includes a scrolling sidebar. The sidebar is customizable so you can pick which icons will appear on your sidebar. There is also the option to make the sidebar hidden. In hidden mode, the sidebar goes away when you scroll away from the sidebar into the main part of the home screen. It's a snazzy effect to a visually stimulating dark red theme.

    Click Here to Download

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    Vista 9000 Powered by E

    Vista 9000 Powered by E Vista 9000 Powered by E is a theme that mimics the look and feel of the Windows Vista operating system user interface. The icons are shiny and the home screen is clean. An application box that contains approximately 10 applications slides out when needed while 4 icons are constantly displayed on the sidebar. It looks like a miniature version of a Windows Vista desktop with widgets showing the time, the date and to-do list items.

    Click Here to Download

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    Pink It is easy to dismiss Pink as a theme which fits teenage and fashionable girls who like pink. If you look closely, the combination of pink and black components gives us a visually enticing theme with gorgeous graphics and a clean layout. It is a simple color scheme that caters mostly to the graphic taste of young ladies, but it does have qualities that make it a viable choice as a theme for males and adults.

    Click Here to Download