How To Change your E-mail Signature in BlackBerry Enterprise Server Accounts

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If you are working in a corporate environment or your workplace runs on BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and you want to change or create a new signature for your email, this guide will help you. There are two ways to accomplish the same goal. One method is to directly change it through your handset and another is using the RIM Blackberry desktop manager software supplied with your Blackberry Smartphone. Before you get started with the methods given below, make sure your phone is set to use Auto Signatures. To do so enable the Use Auto Signature option present in your messaging settings page.

Using Your Handset

Follow the steps below to change or create a new email auto signature for your BES account.

Step 1 : Navigate and open the Messaging application on your Blackberry. The app should contain all your previously stored messages from your BES account.

Step 2 : Now select the Blackberry menu key which can be found to the left of the trackball.

Step 3 : Scroll through the menu that appears and navigate to Options.

Step 4 : Open up Messaging Options from here and navigate to Email Settings.

Step 5 : Here is where you will find the option to change or create your signature. This will be automatically appended to all emails sent using your BES account. Select Yes for Use Auto Signature. Enter the text which you want in your signature here.

Step 6 : Save the changes after exiting from this screen.

Using the RIM Software

You can also change or create a new signature using RIM’s Blackberry Desktop Manager software. Follow the steps below to accomplish the same.

Step 1 : Connect your Blackberry to a PC containing the Desktop Manager Software. Remember to select the Enterprise Setup option while installing the software.

Step 2 : On the Main screen of the RIM Blackberry Desktop Manager software you will see an icon with the name Email Settings. Select it.

Step 3 : In the white box that appears to the right of your screen, enter the text for your signature.

Step 4 : Select the Apply option to save your new signature and close the program.