Five Great RSS Readers for BlackBerry: My Choices

There are many different RSS feed readers to choose from for the BlackBerry platform these days, from dedicated client applications to purpose-built websites that provide search and display of RSS and Atom content.

RSS feeds are an ever increasingly popular method of syndicating content whether it is news, blogs, podcasts, photos and more, and the technology shows no sign of losing popularity.

With a wide selection of options available it would be easy to expect all of them to be equally good – but that isn’t the case. So read on, and find the best 5 recommended RSS readers for BlackBerry.


Possibly the daddy of all mobile RSS readers, Viigo combines a superb mobile client interface with a solid web-based account. All of this means that when you lose your BlackBerry, reset to factory settings or change your operating system, your favourite subscribed channels are retained and can be retrieved by logging into the client.

Choose from pre-selected RSS feeds from news sites and popular blogs or add your own preferred choice of syndicated feed or podcast.

An intuitive interface enhances an already solid network of RSS feed management – if you haven’t tried it yet, Viigo is the mobile RSS feed reader that is not to be missed, and can be downloaded from


Designed for offline use, FreeRange is the fastest way to read news feeds on your BlackBerry. With feeds organised into folders, FreeRange has a similar layout to Viigo, but with a faster article reader.

There’s also the addition of article sharing either by email or, as well as Google Reader (until it gets shut down on July 1, 2013) integration. If you don’t have connectivity meanwhile, FreeRange is designed for offline use, meaning you can set the app to collect news feeds while you’re connected and store them for reading later, perhaps on an underground rail network.

Download direct to your BlackBerry from

NewsGator Go!

NewsGator are one of the webs foremost RSS feed aggregation and management services, and NewsGator Go! is a lightweight BlackBerry RSS reader service that can be accessed over the web. With a dedicated BlackBerry application interface you can login to your NewsGator account and check your feeds and blog updates with just a couple of keystrokes.

NewsGator Go! is free to download from, where you can also signup for an account and manage your RSS and Atom feeds.

Berry Bloglines

Berry Bloglines is an open source RSS reader for BlackBerry that offers full PC integration – utilising the Bloglines service available for Windows desktop, Berry Bloglines synchronizes account information (create an account at so that you can see from your PC what you’ve read on your BlackBerry, and vice versa.

This free app also reformats content from websites linked to in RSS feeds so that they can be efficiently read on your BlackBerry without annoying badly formatted menus getting in the way.

Download from


Finally, there is Arc90, a web-based service that is accessible via your BlackBerry mobile browser. A useful search function allows you can search for the content you want, while a carefully chosen selection of preset RSS channels can be accessed for the latest news in those categories.

Arc90 is the best solution for low-spec BlackBerry’s or those without space to install extra applications and store RSS feeds as it is totally web-based and can be accessed from your device browser – visit