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How Do I Turn Off the Blinking Green Light on my BlackBerry?

written by: Lucinda Watrous•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 7/6/2011

Chances are, when you get a new BlackBerry, you're going to find there is an annoying green, flashing, LED light. If not, you are one of the lucky ones. Many people have trouble figuring out how to turn this flashing green light off, but that's what we're here for.

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    New BlackBerry phones come with a coverage indicator light. This coverage indicator light flashes green and will continue to do so wherever coverage is available--in many cases this means all the time--unless you change the settings in the phone and tell it not to. New BlackBerry phones can be confusing for many people, so follow these steps to ensure that you can stop the annoying green flashing LED light on your phone.

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    Turning off the Flashing Green LED Light

    Step One: Go to Options.

    Step Two: Select Screen/Keyboard.

    Step Three: Look for the LED Coverage Indicator Option. It should be set to On. (This is why the light is blinking.)

    Step Four: Change it to Off.

    Step Five: Save your changes and exit.

    This should stop the annoying green blinking light. If not, go back and make sure your changes are saved. This light will never stop blinking as long as there is coverage and the setting is on.

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    LED Indicator Lights

    Now that you know what the green LED light means, let's take a look at the other LED indicator lights and what those colors mean.

    Blue Blinking Light: This light blinks when you have your phone connected to a Bluetooth Device. To turn it off, either hide your device from Bluetooth connections, or cut off the Bluetooth connections.

    Red Blinking Light: This light blinks when you have messages waiting. These messages could be voicemail, text messages, or even missed call notifications. The red blinking light will turn off as soon as you read the texts, check the missed calls, or listen to the voicemail. This light also comes on when you have a new email or Blackberry Messenger message and will go away when you read those.

    Yellow Blinking Light: When the yellow light blinks, it means your battery is low and your Blackberry will soon die. Charge your phone as soon as possible and the light will stop blinking when the phone is fully charged.

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