Shortcut Tips for the BlackBerry Browser: A Simple How-To-Guide

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Blackberry Browser shortcuts are not complex combinations of keys, rather they are simple keystrokes you can take advantage of directly from your Blackberry keyboard. I’ve placed the keys in alphabetical order with a few extra shortcuts that use alternate keys throw in at the end for good measure

Here’s the list:

“A” Key - Add the current page your visiting to your Mobile devices bookmarks.

“B” Key - Brings you to the bottom of the page

“C” Key - Access the information screen for your connections.

“D” Key - Throw your browser to the Background (Great for hiding your browser)

“F and V” Keys - Access your Search and Find Window.

“G” Key - Access the “Go To” Option

“I” Key - View your browsers History bar

“K” Key - Access your Bookmarks screen

“L” Key - Shows the address for the link you have currently selected

“M” Key- Ask for more images to be download if any are currently available.

“O” Key - Open the browsers Option Screen

“P” Key - Shows the user the address for the page they are currently visiting.

“Q” Key - Download all images rather than just request more images.

“R” Key - Refreshes the current page (reloads it)

“S” Key - Save your current page directly to your available message list

“T” Key - Brings you back to the top of the page

“U” Key - Turn the Title bar on and off

“X” Key - Access your preview screen

“Alt + F” Keys - Find Next

“Alt + O or Shift + Space” Keys - Page Up through your information

“Alt + P or Space” Key: Page Down your screens info.

“Esc” Key - Simply go back to the previous page.

Hold Down the Escape Key - Close the browser.

Those are the most used shortcut keys, feel free to test them out and you’ll soon notice how much easier your Blackberry Mobile internet browsing has become.