BerryAnnoying Eliminates the Camera Sound on Your BlackBerry

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We love that RIM has started making phones with a camera feature and that some, like the Curve, even have a video camera. It’s really nice to have a total package when it comes to a smartphone where we can take photos and send them to friends or upload them to our computers at anytime all from our BlackBerry device. However, one thing that really annoys people about the camera feature on BlackBerry is the shutter sound that is made each time a picture is taken. For this reason, many find the BerryAnnoying application to be a welcome relief.

Try BerryAnnoying On Your BlackBerry

Made by Zaventh, BerryAnnoying allows you to take pictures from your BlackBerry device sans the shutter sound. This application not only offers a relief to some because of the noise it eliminates, but it further helps when a user wants to take a photo without alerting others in their vicinity that they are doing so. Without an application like BerryAnnoying, the shutter noise is a dead giveaway. After it is downloaded, BerryAnnoying works by a BlackBerry user simply opening the BerryAnnoying application instead of the native BlackBerry camera application anytime they want to take a photo.

System Requirements

BerryAnnoying is available for operating systems of 4.1 and higher. However, it is not designed to work on CDMA phones. Before installing BerryAnnoying, be sure to verify that you are running the correct operating system and that your phone is compatible. A simple trip to your BlackBerry menu will tell you all that you need to know. Simply open your Options menu, select About and there you will see both your operating system information and whether you are using a CDMA or GSN phone.

The Final Word

Hopefully someday RIM will get the message that most BlackBerry users can do without the shutter sound on the camera feature and produce future models without it. Until then, it’s nice to know that BerryAnnoying can also get rid of the noise for less than the cost of a latte. While the camera is a nice feature, the sound that it makes will not be missed, I’m sure.

Remember to always back your device up before adding new software or making any changes to your device. While there is no known virus for BlackBerry and most applications are safe to use, we don’t want to take anything for granted. The data on your phone is important, so be sure to protect it by regularly performing a backup using your BlackBerry Desktop Manager.