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Shortcut Tips for the BlackBerry Browser: A Simple How-To-Guide

written by: LauraMS•edited by: Simon Hill•updated: 5/3/2011

The BlackBerry Bold is such a special device its only befitting that it should have its own set of keypad shortcuts. The following is a list of Bold specific shortcuts. For a complete list of shortcuts for other BlackBerry models please review the other shortcut articles on this site.

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    Home Screen Dialing Must Be Disabled First

    Now that the new BlackBerry Bold has wowed the general smartphone public, it’s time to get down to the business of shortcuts, tips and tricks for the new, bold, bright star of the BlackBerry lineup.

    Please note that many of the following shortcuts require you to first disable dialing from your BlackBerry home screen. To disable home screen dialing, please go to your call screen, press your menu key, select Options and then select General Options. From this menu, you will see an option for dialing from your home screen. Simply change this setting to “No” to disable the function.

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    A Few On Our List Can Be Used On Other BlackBerry Models Too

    Some of the following keypad shortcuts also work on other BlackBerry models (For a full list of shortcuts available for all models, please review our other articles on shortcuts):

    From within your message screen, press:

    • Alt-i to view your incoming messages only
    • Alt-o to view your outgoing messages only
    • Alt-p to view your phone log only
    • Alt-s to view your SMS messages only
    • Alt-v to view your saved messages only
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    Bold Specific Shortcuts

    The following shortcuts are specific to the BlackBerry Bold:

    From your home screen…press, but do not hold:

    • the W key to access your carrier’s WAP browser (for carrier specific sites sans graphics)
    • the Y key to access Yahoo Messenger
    • the G key to access Google Talk
    • the X key to access ToDoMatrix
    • the I key to access Idea Matrix
    • the E key to access Alert Matrix

    When taking pictures:

    Use the volume up key to zoom in

    Use the volume down key to zoom out

    Finally, to color code your emails:

    Navigate to Options and select General Settings.

    From there, you will be able to change the color of your emails, which helps in organizing them according to topic or sender.

    The BlackBerry Bold is already a fabulous and very fast device and, with these shortcuts, you will undoubtedly speed your productivity even more with practiced use.