TiVo For BlackBerry Coming Soon

Written by:  LauraMS • Edited by: Simon Hill
Updated Jul 6, 2011
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TiVo and RIM have announced a partnership in developing an application to control and program TiVo from your BlackBerry.

TiVo And RIM Have Share A Vision For BlackBerry

Forgot to TiVo your favorite sitcom or talk show? Don’t have time to watch the play off game of the year? Excited about that old movie you love that’s being shown on TV this week…at 4 am. Now, there’s no need for a BlackBerry user to ever lose sleep, rearrange their schedule or kick themselves for forgetting to TiVo their favorite shows before leaving home. TiVo and RIM have collaborated to bring your TiVo settings directly to your BlackBerry device.

Imagine The Possibilities

TiVo, the first name you think of for digital video recording, has partnered with RIM to develop a new application that allows you to control your TiVo DVR from your BlackBerry. Though the application has yet to be released anxious fans are already looking forward to the possibility of saving time while being able to program the recording of their favorite programs and events from anywhere within their BlackBerry service area.

Imagine being told at the last minute that you need to work late or detour for a time-consuming errand when you’d already planned to be home in time to catch the season finale of Lost. Of course, this would fall on a night when the rest of the family had planned to be out and you didn’t even think to set the DVR, as you just knew you’d have plenty of time to make it home, unwind and enjoy the television to yourself for once. So what do you do now? Well, if you’ve read this article then you’ve taken steps against such mishaps and have downloaded the TiVo application on your BlackBerry so you hardly miss a beat as you know you can view the recording at whatever time you finally make it home.

What Could Further Collaboration Mean For BlackBerry Users?

As TiVo has spoken of even further collaboration with RIM for BlackBerry, avid fans are hoping this also means that there are plans to make some media content actually viewable through the application on BlackBerry devices. TiVoToGo already makes this possible for Apple users with a few extra steps through a Mac, so it’s not a stretch to think that TiVo and RIM could tailor the application for viewing media content on the BlackBerry. While the actual TiVo programming application isn’t available from RIM for BlackBerry yet (it’s due out later this year), we may be jumping the gun just a little in hoping for DVR content to be viewable on BlackBerry. But in a world of wireless technology where two giants like TiVo and RIM come together on one cool mobile device, anything is possible!

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