Staying in Touch with Your BlackBerry: BBM, Email, Calls, SMS and More

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Smartphones offer us a range of options when it comes to staying in touch with friends and family. Your BlackBerry supports various methods of communication and we take a look at them in this guide. You’ll find round-ups of handy apps for chatting and social networking. We take a look at how to deal with voice mail and contacts. There’s a wealth of content for you to explore covering all the nuances of the BlackBerry’s versatile email system. You can also learn about text messaging and instant messaging – built-in features and third-party apps.

If you own a BlackBerry you really have no excuse for not keeping in touch with everyone.

App Round-Ups and Handy Guides

We’ll start off with a few choice selections of apps for texting and chatting. You’ll also find apps that can convert text to voice so that you can have incoming messages read aloud to you without you having to handle your phone – ideal for when you are driving. The main social networking sites are covered, along with the ever popular Skype service.

To round off we take a look at how you can customize your alerts for incoming messages and calls and there’s a final guide to help you to type accents in your BB messages.

Calls and Voice Mail

In this section we have a couple of alternative options for making calls that don’t involve using your standard BB service. You can also find out everything you need to know about dealing with voice mail on your smartphone. You can even have voice mail messages converted to text or email.


You’ll need to keep your contacts in order if you want to stay in touch with everyone you know. You can learn how to manage contacts here and also how to set up caller ID alerts and retrieve deleted contacts. We also take a look at how to transfer contacts to and from other smartphones in case you change devices.


One of the best features you’ll find on a BlackBerry is the email. With support for multiple accounts, push email and secure sending and receiving it’s no wonder the BB is so popular with businesses. Find out how to set up various email accounts on your smartphone. Learn how to filter and forward your emails and how to deal with attachments. We also take a look at how to deal with a few email-related problems you might encounter and there are tips for setting up email alerts and changing your footer messages. You can really get the most from your BB email with these guides.

Text Messaging

There are lots of third-party options for dealing with SMS on your BlackBerry. Learn about the best options and try them out. You can also get help to recover deleted text messages and to hide private messages on your BlackBerry. Third-party text apps can also be handy for previewing messages without having to enter the messaging app.

Instant Messaging

Another one of the major strengths of the BB platform is the BlackBerry Messenger app and you’ll find a complete guide to using it right here. If you find that you want more instant messaging options then check out this top selection of third-party apps including support for Facebook Chat and MSN.

As you can see there’s no excuse for not staying in touch with a BlackBerry. Do you have a favorite app for texts, instant messaging, emails or calls? Post a comment and let us know about it.


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