Guide to BlackBerry Tips and Tricks

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For the most part it is very easy to get to grips with a new BlackBerry smartphone. They are fairly intuitive to use, however, you may find there are certain functions and shortcuts that you are missing out on. Your BlackBerry has a number of useful, time-saving shortcuts and hidden features that are not immediately obvious. Even some of the basic features may not be transparent to all.

If that’s the case then you’ll find lots of helpful guides and articles right here to assist you in unlocking the full potential of your smartphone.

Shortcuts, Guides and Tricks

We’ll kick off with a nice mixture of tips, tricks and guides. There are some basic tutorials to suit newbies and some more in-depth explorations of shortcuts and hidden features for experienced BlackBerry owners. Find out how to extend the battery life of your BlackBerry. Learn all about the range of time-saving shortcuts that you could be using and unlock the hidden features of your smartphone. We also discuss what to do if you forget your password and what your LED is indicating when it flashes and how to stop it. Learn how to find your BlackBerry PIN and get to grips with the symbols and icons that you’ll encounter.

Model Specific BB Tips

The majority of tips will work on your BlackBerry, regardless of model, but there are subtle differences between the releases. In this section we round-up some tips for specific models of BlackBerry. You’ll find useful help for the Bold, Torch or Curve right here.

Messaging and Email

One of the main reasons people invest in smartphones, especially BlackBerry devices, is to get excellent service for messaging and email. The BlackBerry won’t let you down in this regard and you’ll soon see why as we delve into BlackBerry Messenger and how to use it. We also take a look at how to type accents, how to forward emails and attachments and even how to recover a deleted SMS. We’ll finish off by showing you how to create your very own avatar for a personal presence on BBM.


You’ll probably have a number of contacts in your phone and here’s how to work with them. You’ll learn about adding and removing contacts and how to configure your caller ID so you know who is calling before you pick up.

Tips for Online

Your BlackBerry is capable of surfing the web through your data connection or Wi-Fi and you can even use it to provide an Internet connection for other devices. Find out how to manage your Wi-Fi access, how to use your BB as a modem and even how to access the Internet without any data service. We also take a look at how easy it is to set up web shortcuts to your favorite sites and offer some shortcut tips for using your BB browser.

Software, Files and Apps

In order to keep your BlackBerry running in tip-top shape you’ll need to keep the software up to date and you can do that with BlackBerry Desktop Manager. It’s also useful for backing up and syncing files. We also take a look at how to work with zip files and how to uninstall apps that you no longer want.

Final Tips

Our last batch of tips covers a few odds and ends. Learn how to capture screenshots, how to remove the hardlock, and how to change your wallpaper and theme. We also take a look at removing the IT policy from your smartphone in the event that you bought a BlackBerry second hand.

That concludes our BlackBerry tips and tricks guide. Hopefully you found something useful. If you have any tips of your own please post a comment and let us know about them.


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