Troubleshooting Guide: Why Can’t I Send Videos with my BlackBerry?

How to Record Video on BlackBerry

You can use your BlackBerry device to record videos right on your phone. There are times when a video is more important than taking a picture, such as at a concert or baseball game. Luckily, it is very easy to record videos on your BlackBerry phone, and you can do so in a few minutes. When you are finished recording, you can name the video whatever you want, save it on your phone, and can send it to someone else via MMS or email.

Click the BlackBerry menu icon with the trackball. Click the Media icon with the trackball. Scroll to the Video icon and select it.


Click the BlackBerry menu icon again. Select the Record option. When you are ready to start recording the video, push the trackball over the record button located at the bottom of the screen. When you are finished recording, you click the same button as you did to start recording the video.

Press the BlackBerry Menu button after you open the Video Camera to choose some customization options for your recording. For the video format option, the MMS selection will reduce the size of the video to allow you to send the video through a MMS text message. This reduces the quality of the video and size. Normal mode is to record videos of a higher quality, but will be too large to send through MMS.

You can swipe up and down on the trackball to zoom in and out of the video. You can also tap the spacebar on your BlackBerry keyboard to toggle the video lighting feature on and off, from darker to lighter. When you are finished capturing the video, press the Menu key and select Rename and then type a name for your video.

From here you can delete the video, rename the video, or send the video as an email or MMS attachment.

    How to Send Videos from a BlackBerry via MMS

    You can send videos by Multimedia Message Service (MMS) on a BlackBerry device. They are known for their messaging capabilities. Sending a video through the BlackBerry device is convenient and you can do so in a few short steps.

    Turn on your BlackBerry device. Scroll to the Media icon on the main home screen and press the trackball to open it.

    Scroll to Videos and press the trackball to open it.

    Scroll to the video you want to send via MMS to highlight it, and then press the Menu key on your BlackBerry device’s keypad.

    Select Send as MMS and press the trackball.

    You can either manually type in an address when prompted, or you can highlight the contact you want to send the MMS to from your address book. Type the Subject and a Message. Press the Menu key, select Send and then press the trackball to send the MMS message to the contact you selected.

    If you're wondering "Why can't I send videos with my BlackBerry?" The most likely reason is the size of the video file. When you send a video via MMS there is a video size limit. If the video you send is too large, you will receive a message, “Message size has exceeded limit.” MMS is limited to 300 kb and smaller videos. If you have a larger video, you should send it by email.

    How to Email BlackBerry Video

    You can also use your BlackBerry device to send video files as email attachments. There is a limit to the size of emails a BlackBerry device can send, however. The maximum size is 8 MB, which breaks down to 5 MB for the attachment (video) and 3 MB for the email.

    Press the Menu button on your BlackBerry device, and then select the Media icon to open the Video folder on your phone.

    Select the Video icon and then click the trackball to open it. A new Video screen opens. Select All Videos or My Videos, depending upon where the video is saved that you want to send via email.

    Scroll through the list of videos and find the video you want to email. Highlight the correct video. If you know the name of the video, you can search for it by typing the name into the Search field and then selecting it.

    When the correct video is highlighted, press the Menu button on the BlackBerry device. Scroll down and select Send as Email.

    Type in the correct email address of the recipient you are emailing the video to. You can enter multiple email addresses at the same time if you want to send the video to more than one person. The subject line automatically fills in with the name of the video. Type a note to the recipient. The video is automatically attached to the email.

    Press the Menu button on the BlackBerry device. Highlight Send from the list of options, and then click the trackball to send the video. The BlackBerry device will now send the email with the video attached to the recipients you chose. You will see confirmation on your screen that the video was sent sucessfully to your recipient.

    Use a BlackBerry App to Send Bigger Files

    You can use an app, such as Dropbox, to send bigger video files on your BlackBerry. You can also then share the video with other people. Dropbox allows you to open images and other media, upload photos to computers all at once, share links to files over email, and export files to other apps. Before you can use Dropbox for BlackBerry, you have to sign up for a free Dropbox account.