eTrade Mobile Pro for Blackberry Review: Trade Stocks from Your Storm, Pearl, or Curve

So Easy, A Baby Can Use It?

We all love those really cool eTrade commercials with the baby stock guru who buys and sells stock from the comfort of his nursery, but have you seen the latest one where the little guy can now use eTrade on his Blackberry? Well, it’s not just a cute commercial, but it’s also absolutely true. No, not that the baby is trading stocks on his Berry, but it's certainly true that you can. (And if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen the Blackberry eTrade commercial, or any of the other brilliant eTrade baby marketing ads, you can check them out now on eTrade’s website or on YouTube.)

Trading Is Now Just A Trackball Click Away

That’s right, Blackberry users can now download the eTrade Mobile Pro trading application and access a menu of investing options, including trading in a matter of minutes. Real-time quotes, cash transfers and quick access to all of your accounts are now just a trackball click away with this highly useful and completely free application.

Why eTrade?

eTrade has long been hailed as one of the premiere websites for stock trades with low commissions. In fact, new members can enjoy up to 100 commission free trades for the first 30 days after opening a new account. The only thing that can be more inviting than that is to be able to also do so from your Blackberry. eTrade thinks so too and now has responded with an application just for us.

Is Your Phone Compatible?

According to eTrade’s website, the Mobile Pro trading application is available for Blackberry’s running an operating system of 4.1 and higher. This includes the Blackberry Pearl, the Blackberry Curve and the 8800 series. Unfortunately, the 7520, the 7250 and the 7290 are not compatible with this application. To find out which Blackberry model and operating system you’re using, simply navigate to your Blackberry’s Options folder and click About. There, you will see your model number and your operating system.

Ready, Set, Trade!

Once you’ve determined that your Blackberry is compatible, visit the eTrade site and spend a few minutes reviewing their Quick Start Guide. And as we always advise, please remember to backup your Blackberry before adding a new application. After you’ve completed these easy steps, go ahead and download the free eTrade Mobile Pro trading application.