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Diskeeper 2008 HomeServer is designed to keep up with monster hard drives of 500GB, 750GB, and even 1TB which are becoming fairly common. Applications and data increasingly need that kind of storage capacity, especially in this age of digital media (music, podcasts, and so on). Digital photos don’t make the heavy demands on storage that video and audio do, but they make up for it in sheer volume. Add to that the various members of your family who all want to share these interesting data files with each other and friends plus the everyday documents and spreadsheets you use. With all that demand on storage you’ll find you need the efficient management of resources found in products like Windows Home Server (WHS).

Diskeeper 2008 HomeServer integrates easily with the WHS and keeps the central networked storage on a home network humming along smoothly. Typically, these audio/video files that require data streamed in real-time need to have the disks serving up data without delays. However, as they are used more and more, these storage devices get fragmented and can introduce delays in their access.That shows up in slowing down performance.

It would be really nice to have defragmentation accomplished transparently while keeping the data transfer to and from storage devices tuned up to optimal levels. Diskeeper 2008 HomeServer does just that. Significant performance improvements can be expected.

Installation & Setup (4 out of 5)

Installation and set up of Diskeeper 2008 HomeServer is smooth. Simply follow the installer instructions and it runs without a hitch.

User Interface (5 out of 5)

<!–[Diskeeper 2008 HomeServer’s user interface is very well organized. The display areas are logically arranged with the action tabs. The icons are self explanatory and display labels when you mouse over them. Statistical and historical data are also nicely presented. [ Figure 1] The data presented is the number of fragments removed and how the read/write times have improved through periodic defrag done by Diskeeper 2008.

Product Features (5 out of 5)

<!–[Diskeeper 2008 HomeServer takes two nice operational approaches. Firstly, during the normal auto defrag operation it uses system resources not in use by other tasks. That means the defrag task runs at lower priority than the other tasks. Defragment remains invisible. Otherwise this is a task that used to be avoided as one had to stop all other activities and run this operation. Secondly, root time defragment takes care of files which cannot be done during normal operations.

With increasing power available with newer processors this InvisiTasking technology ( as the vendor calls it) should become even more invisible. As the whole operation of cleaning up a drive doesn’t have to be done at one time, but rather incrementally over a time period, the process should be even more transparent to the user.

Diskeeper 2008 integrates nicely with Widows Home Server through a user friendly add on.

Performance (5 out of 5)

<!–[There are two ways to gage the performance of Diskeeper 2008. One, does it adds to any overhead when it’s doing the defrag in the background? It does not. There is no noticeable slow down because the defragment runs in the background.

The other aspect of performance is the improvement in the performance of the machine, whether the WHS or on a single PC on which it’s running. Over a reasonably significant period of time, such as a week, a significant performance improvement can be expected.

Security & Privacy (4 out of 5)

<!–[Diskeeper 2008 HomeServer accesses the Internet only to check for updates and upgrades and doesn’t have any apparent security or privacy issues.

Price to Value (5 out of 5)

For $70 Diskeeper 2008 HomeServer provides a very nice defrag solution and helps maintain computer performance at a high level.


User Interface

Suggested Features

It would be reassuring to see some indication of Diskeeper 2008 HomeServer running in the background. A couple of analog meter type indicators showing the defrag process continuing and instantaneous indicators of read/write times would be really nice.


If your computer needs defragmentation, I give you an unambiguous “buy” recommendation for Diskeeper 2008 HomeServer.

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